Trainer Portal 21.4.x release notes - 16/03/2022


Must be running VETtrak version 21.4.x.

See VETtrak desktop release notes for portal versions after 21.4 VETtrak 23.1 Release Notes - 18/01/2023

Release notes -  16/03/2022


  • Email sending - spinning cog indicator added when applying template.

Bug fixes

  • Email sending issues using templates and inline images.
  • Email composing tinyMCE component failing to initialise on occasion.

Technical Note: This version has the support for Microsoft's legacy SMTP service removed from web configuration and application. The following has been removed from web.config file.
If your portal uses the legacy SMTP client (value would be "true") please ensure your mail settings work in a test scenario prior to updating to this version to mitigate any loss of email functionality.

Release notes -  28/02/2022


  • Added paging controls to student Enrolments tabs (units, tasks, classes and events).
  • Added paging controls to MyCourses tabs (units, tasks, classes and participants).
  • Added column for enrolled unit description for MyStudents - Enrolment - Units list.

Bug fixes

  • Further logic corrections around task automating unit commencement and completion.
  • Removed preview ability on MyStudents - enrolment - file card due to performance issues. Still available from the file modal pop-up.

Release notes -  02/02/2022


  • Add employer contacts tab to the Employer details modal display.
  • Display of file count and file note count information on relevant screens.

Bug fixes

  • Minor fix to logic around task automating unit commencement and completion.

Release notes -  12/01/2022

Compatibility release to operate with VETtrak desktop


  • Added Have I been pwned check on password entry.
  • Added the ability to use VETtrak mail templates for sending email.
  • Added the ability to use VETtrak SMS templates to sending SMS text.
  • Added the ability to CC/BCC email.
  • Added a HTML editor to email.

Bug fixes

  • Dashboard not showing some long running classes for some trainers.
  • Correction to auto completing units based on enrolment tasks.

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