VETtrak 21.3.0 Release Notes - 5/10/2021

Version 21.3.0 is a major update from 21.2.x and includes database updates. If your VETtrak is locally installed, ensure you have a backup of your database before updating. If at all unsure please contact VETtrak Customer Support on 1800 838 872 or email

Changes in patch (13/10/2021)

  1. Enrolment staff. An error saving the staff list for a new occurrence enrolment has been fixed.
  2. Qualification manager. An issue which sometime caused an error when moving a module into a training package has been fixed.
  3. Other changes. A typo in the Transfer to Moodle menu option has been corrected.

Changes in 21.3.0 Update (5/10/2021)

The most significant changes in VETtrak 21.3 are:

Multiple Staff for a Class

It is now possible to link multiple staff members to a class, and each staff member can optionally be assigned a staff type. One of the staff members can be selected as the primary staff member. The primary staff member will be used for functionality which relies on a single staff member for the class, like existing custom reports.

When saving a list of staff and types for a class, duplicates (of both staff and type) will not be saved, and if a primary has not been chosen, then the first one will be automatically chosen.

The changes have an effect in these areas:

  1. When adding or editing a class in the Class wizard, in the Class calendar wizard or in the Calendar Manager.
  2. The listing of classes in the Staff manager, and Linked staff in the Programme manager.
  3. When changing staff for multiple classes (either at the occurrence level or as a bulk action on Data Insight results), multiple new staff can be selected. These new staff will be merged with existing staff for each individual class - according to other options chosen in the wizard.
  4. Email recipient types have been expanded when emailing for a class or for an attendance. The previous Class staff recipient type has been renamed Class primary staff. A new recipient type, Class staff includes all staff for the class. Another new recipient type Class staff types allows filtering all class staff by staff type.
  5. Duplicating a class or an occurrence.
  6. Merging clients who are staff members.
  7. Data Insights.

Enrolment Staff

Some changes have been made to the processing of enrolment staff for consistency with class staff (above).

  1. When saving a list of staff and types, duplicates (of both staff and type) will not be saved, and if a primary has not been chosen, then the first one will be automatically chosen.
  2. When changing staff for multiple enrolments (as a data insights bulk action), there are now extra options for how the new staff will be merged with existing staff for each individual enrolment.

Document cloud storage (AWS S3)

Hosted customers only. Documents will now be stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage (S3) in Australia. This will have no visible effect on how the software operates for VETtrak and portal users, including VTDocs. Documents currently stored in the dedicated database will now be stored with our cloud provider on Australian servers rather than inside a document database. Existing documents in the document database will be migrated for you in the near future. This change allows us to better manage the increased demand for document storage and provide additional storage related features such as the ability to store sent email attachments and images.

Email changes

  1. Store sent email attachments and images. If you are a hosted customer that has been migrated to cloud storage, a new tickbox to "Store sent email attachments and images in Cloud Storage" will be available in the Settings page in Global Preferences -> Email Preferences. If ticked, VETtrak will store a copy of the images and attachments on emails sent out of VETtrak, and these can be viewed when viewing the sent email.
  2. Placement merge fields. The First Placement email merge fields for enrolments will now use the placement with the earliest start date that is linked to the enrolment.

AVETMISS changes

  1. VIC C19 claim exclusion. To comply with the recent SVTS announcement, the C19 claim exclusion code for training delayed by COVID-19 is now available again for reporting in VIC.

Class changes

  1. Class code. In wizards which list occurence classes, the class code column has been moved so that the display more closely resembles that in the programme manager. The code column is only visible if at least one class has a code.
  2. Endorsed class date. A problem displaying the endorsed date of a class in the Class Calendar wizard has been fixed.
  3. Class high-DPI. A high DPI issue when actioning clashes in the Class Calendar wizard has been fixed.

LMS Integration changes

  1. Moodle LMS ID. A change has been made to allow users to enter the Moodle LMS ID directly into the personal wizard and successfully transfer a client enrolment without matching client code to Moodle ID Number.
  2. Moodle emails. An issue sending emails to Moodle that contain uppercase characters has been fixed.
  3. aNewSpring URL. A URL which does not begin with "https://" was found to cause an issue in the VETtrak API. Now this gives a validation error in the LMS Configuration wizard.

Finance Integration changes

  1. Payment permissions. When importing payments from MYOB, an error which occurred when a user did not have permissions to access all of the payment types has been fixed. Payments for which permissions are available, will now be retrieved.
  2. Finance accounts. When finance accounts are refreshed, an issue where the active status of a finance account was not being updated in VETtrak, has been resolved.
  3. Resetting export status. An issue when a VETtrak invoice or payment had its export status reset, but that record was not shown as available to export in the Finance transfer wizard, has been resolved.

Payment Plan Integration changes

  1. Initial once-off payment. The Ezidebit and DebitSuccess integrations now allow you to optionally specify an initial once-off payment amount in the Setup Payment Plan wizard. This amount forms part of the total payments but will be debited after the invoicee completes the payment plan eDDR form (Ezidebit will debit the amount on the day the form is filled out, while DebitSuccess will debit the amount as part of the first payment).

Data Insights changes

  1. Employer agency. A new table has been added for employer agency details.

Trainer Portal changes

  1. Attendance settings. A setting for 'Allow Attendance Recording X Hours before class' has been added for both Lagacy and Customisable attendance. Previously this was fixed at 48 hours but this setting now allows you to customise the period.
  2. Security settings. Security entities have been added to the Trainer Portal in the Security Manager to allow you to control whether trainers can create ad-hoc clients, or change class details, through the Trainer Portal.

Other changes

  1. Upgrading old databases. An issue preventing VETtrak databases that are older than 19.2 from being upgraded has been fixed.

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