Creating ad-hoc students in the Trainer portal


Must be running VETtrak version 21.3.x. or later


This feature allows a trainer to create an ad-hoc student (pending client record) in VETtrak as part of adding an ad-hoc attendance to a class.  Note: In order to add the client as an ad-hoc attendance the client record created does not participate in the quality assurance process. The feature is not enabled by default.


To control the trainer's ability to add an ad-hoc student.  A new security entity has been added to the trainer portal.  In the Security Manager under the Application/Role management and Trainer Web Portal tree node.  Expand the respective trainer role(s) you will allow this access.  Set the "Can create ad-hoc client" setting to [V] in order to allow trainers this access.


Creating a client record

On the trainer portal under the full class view.  Clich the menu option to "record ad-hoc attendance". 


This will bring up the modal menu. Note: First search for your ad-hoc student by typing their name under the STUDENT field.  If you can not locate their record proceed to use the "Create student" button to the right of the menu.  The button will not be present unless the security entity is enabled.


Clicking on the Create student button will bring up the "Create ad-hoc student" modal.


Fill in the student's details. Note: The surname, email address and Date of birth fields are required for matching purposes. If a matching record is found then you will shown the matching details. No record will be created where a match is found.

When a new client record is created you will be taken back to the Record ad-hoc attendance page with the new record selected.


VETtrak desktop

The client record that is created under the ad-hoc attendance process will appear in the client manager as a pending client record.  The manager does not show these records by default. 


To see these records, click on the status button and select Pending records within the client search left hand menu of the client manager pane. 



Note: As this record is associated with an ad-hoc attendance. This should be reviewed by a VETtrak admin in association with the quality assurance record created for the ad-hoc attendance.  The client record should be changed from pending to active by the VETtrak admin.

Recording ad-hoc attendance

Trainer may assist VETtrak admin with leaving a relevant note about the client creation.

Quality assurance manager

VETtrak admin should check the status of the client record.  If it is a pending record and is accepted then it should be changed to active.


Changing client record to active

In the standard client wizard, alter the status from Pending to Active for the ad-hoc client record.



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