Products API for Custom Forms (aka Supplemental Forms)

VETenrol uses the Products API for the Customs Forms feature. These Custom Forms (formerly known as Supplemental Forms) can be managed through VETenrol or VETembark.


The Products API is only available to hosted customers on Enterprise + licensing. If you are eligible but do not already have the Products API, you will need to put in a Support Request to have it set up. This article assumes you have made this request and know your Products API URL.

There are two parts to enable the Custom Forms feature in VETenrol:

  1. VETtrak Security Permissions.
  2. VETenrol Integration.

VETtrak Security Permissions

The first step is to check that your VETtrak is licensed for Products API.

  • Choose File > Global Preferences.
  • Select Registration Keys.


  • If Products API does not appear (as depicted in the screenshot above), click Update key automatically.


A user in VETtrak must be given permissions to use the Products API. We recommend the same API user created for use with VETenrol for enrolments. You can check under Assigned Users for API VETtrak to find the user if you are not sure of the name.

  • Choose Manage > Security from the menus (or press F10 on your keyboard).


  • Expand Application/Role management.
  • Expand Products API.
  • Expand default Products API role.
  • Right-click Assigned users and choose Assign users to role.
    NOTE: You may also choose to expand Assigned users to see if a suitable user already exists with the permissions. If so, instead of assigning to the role, you will need to find the Username and Password for that Client. 

This will open the Assign Users to Role Wizard:


  • Enter a few letters in the Surname search field, eg. api if you've used API as the surname.
  • Double click the Staff member listed on the left to add them to Selected staff on the right.
  • Click Next and Finish.

VETenrol Integration

Login to your VETenrol Admin.

  • Click the Configuration icon at the top right of the page.


  • Click Integration.


  • Scroll down to the Products API section.


  • Enter your Products API URL into the field provided.
    NOTE: Your products API URL may need /api added to the end of it to work.

  • Click the Save button. It appears at the bottom and the top of the page.


  • Click Copy Credentials from Enrolment API.
  • Confirm the copy by clicking OK at the prompt.
    NOTE: If you opted to assign the permissions to a different user, you will need to manually enter the Username, Save, and then Set Password. 


  • Click Test Products API. If the test returns True, this confirms it is working.


VETenrol will now display several new menu Items relating to Custom Forms, including:

  • Form Submissions from the Activity menu, which lists completed forms.
  • Custom Forms from the Tools menu, where forms can be managed and created.
  • Custom Forms from the Configuration page, to edit settings and also links to create a new form and manage existing forms (same as the Tools menu item).

VETenrol Admin Activity Menu Form Submissions

Activity > Form Submissions

VETenrol Admin Tools Menu Custom Forms

Tools > Custom Forms

VETenrol Admin Configuration Card for Custom Forms

Configuration, under Services & Alternative Registration Processes.

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