Remote Attendance within the Student and Trainer Portals


Must be running VETtrak version or higher!


Remote attendance is now available for the Student Portal with some VETtrak global or programme level configuration.  Student's marked attendance then may be endorsed within the Trainer portal.  A VETtrak admin may optionally use the QA manager in the VETtrak desktop to approve the class attendance.

Note: Enabling remote attendance and capturing student signatures requires a document database attached to your VETtrak system. If your class is to be undertaken online, an Online Class Link/Meeting URL can be added against the Class item within VETtrak.

VETtrak configuration

ALL Programmes


  • To enable remote attendance in the Student Portal for ALL Programmes.  Access the VETtrak Global Preferences - Trainer Portal Preferences - Attendance tab.
  • Check the "Enable remote attendance in Student Portal" check box.
  • Select a Term and condition to use.

Selected Programmes


  • If you only want certain programmes to use remote attendance access the VETtrak Global Configuration - Programmes - Edit the applicable programme and advance the programme wizard to the Override Trainer Portal record attendance settings page.
  • Check the Enable remote attendance in Student Portal check box.
  • Select a Term and condition to use.

Note: when a remote attendance is enabled for a class in the programme all resources via the student portal are blocked from access until the student signs off for the class.  If using a term and condition associated with the signing process. A record of the T&C version signed is recorded in VETtrak for later reporting.

Remote attendance terms and conditions (optional)

With the Enable remote attendance in Student Portal checked, you may optionally have students sign off against a versioned set of terms and conditions.  These can be set up in VETtrak Global Configuration - Terms and conditions setting.


Global configuration - Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions wizard.

Student Portal Sign now on class

Where a class under the enabled programme requrires a student signature, a new "Sign now" logo will appear against the class.  The student only needs to sign against the class the first time accessing the class modal.  This sign off process may also serve as marking attendance via the Trainer Portal.


Student dashboard showing a class enabled for remote attendance.  Click the class link to sign.


Terms and conditions module - sign off to access the class details module.


Class details and resources module accessible after signing.

Trainer Portal endorsing attendance


Trainer portal dashboard showing current classes

Trainers can quickly see if they have endorsed a class with new endorsement indicators against class information.


Marking attendance

Where a student has previously signed into the class.  The attendance list will indicate this with a button displaying remotely signed.  The trainer can then make any necessary adjustments to the class list including removal of remotely signed attendance.  Signing off on the class via the trainer signature will create attendance records and endorse the class.

Remote attendance after class end (optional)

The VETtrak configuration can be optionally set to allow a student to sign off on their attendance with in x hours of the class finish time.  This will appear in VETtrak under the Quality Assurance (QA) manager. 


Late attendance marking (optional)


Use late attendance type

Extends the existing functionality for custom attendance to allow the trainer to mark a user as late by altering the client's class start time to be greater than the class start.


Changing the Start time for a student.


Altering start time on an individual will trigger the late attendance type.


Participant summary showing the applied late attendance type.



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