Process: Creating an API User

To make use of  API-driven integrations, you will be required to create an API User within your VETtrak system to represent the API accessing your database.

This article will demonstrate the steps required to successfully set up an API User.

The first step is to create the user, then to use the Security Manager to assign appropriate privileges.

To start, you will need to create a new Client to represent this user. Start by navigating to the Create menu, and selecting Client:

This will display the Client Wizard:mceclip0.png

  1. Enter a Surname, eg. API.
  2. Enter a Given name, eg. User.
  3. Select Division (only if required).
  4. Tick the Is a staff member option.

Click Next.


On this page, the Username and Password fields will have been pre-filled when the surname was entered. These can be changed if required, or you can keep the generated ones.

Please ensure the password has at least eight characters minimum and includes a combination of upper and lower-case letters, and at least one number.

Make note of the Username and Password, as these are the credentials that will be used for external products to access your VETtrak data via the API. The password will be hidden once the wizard is complete.

Make sure to untick any Web portal access options that have been ticked by default:


You can now click Next through to the Finish Page:

Untick Edit personal information for this client, then click Finish.


Setting API Privileges

Now that the API user has been created, we can set the API privileges.

Choose Manage > Security from the menus:


This will display the Security Manager:


  • Expand Application/Role management.
  • Expand API VETtrak.
  • Expand VETtrak API default role.
  • Right-click Assigned users and choose Assign users to role.

This will open the Assign Users to Role Wizard:


Enter a few letters in the Surname search field, eg. api if you've used API as the surname.

You can double click the Staff member listed on the left to add them to Selected staff on the right.

Click Next and Finish.


These details can now be used within integrated products that require API credentials to speak to VETtrak.

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