VETembark 21.1.x Release Notes - 05/05/2021

Must be running VETtrak version 21.1.x.

Release notes -  05/05/2021

  • Custom forms performance enhancements.
  • Now showing submitted files on reissued form submission if they exist.
  • Showing work item note count on lists.

Bug fixes

  • Removing submit button on form creation prevented update.
  • Filters on contact and user.
  • Fix on edit form submission page.

Release notes -  17/03/2021

  • Bug fixes identified from release.

Release notes -  12/03/2021

See VETembark Overiew page for updated overview of the new features.

Menu and Navigation

  • Addition of custom forms management.  Create, edit, archive form templates.
  • View form submissions, resend form.
  • Search work items by tag names.
  • Control the number of records displayed in paged lists.


Work items

  • Add custom form links to work items.
  • Update work item with receipt of form submission.
  • Add a tag to a work item.
  • Added bulk actions to lists menu.  Send a note or add internal note to multiple work items.
  • Send a template email with VETenrol link. Recieve notification of VETenrol submission from completed VETenrol enrolment. (VETenrol integration)


  • Addition of tag management.
  • Reply templates allow VETenrol URL variable.
  • Additional work item type settings to integrate with your VETenrol product.


  • Optomisation for replying to email thread from work item.
  • Bug fixes.

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