Student Portal Course Provider and Contact details

The Student Portal's Current Courses page has training provider contact details.  These details come from either the enrolments Third party delivery provider specified in the enrolment wizard or if left empty the organisation's details.

Using the default Organisation Details
(if not using a third party provider)


Training Provider
The training provider details come from the Organisation Wizard's - Legal name and if there is a Trading name that will appear underneath the line showing the legal name:


Provider contact - Provider phone - Provider email

The Provider contact details are pulled from the Public contact staff member.  


Provider address

The provider address is sourced from the Organisation Wizard's address information.


The full Organisation Wizard:

Enrolment Wizard - no third party provider:


Using the Third party delivery provider

To use a third party contact recond for the provider.  Fill in the enrolment wizard with a Third party delivery provider.


Training provider

This information comes from the Enrolment record's Third party delivery provider field.


Specifically the Employer Name.  The second line continues to source the legal training name from the organisation's record as noted above.


Provider contact

The provider contact is the primary contact record for the third party delivery provider.

Provider Phone

The provider phone is the Phone number from the third party delivery provider record.

Provider Email

The provider email is sourced from the third party delivery provider's email address.

Provider Address

The provider address is sourced from the third party delivery provider's postal address.

Contact Person (only displayed if present)

The contact person is sourced from the Contact record of the enrolment's Employer record.


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