VETembark First Time Set Up

There is a one time activation process that applies the first time you access your VETembark application.

Navigate to your site using the address provided in your New VETembark email notice. 


Enter your email address, given and surnames, email address (and confirmation) and the one time access code provided in the VETembark welcome email.

Once data has been entered, click on Register. You should receive an email to confirm your email address with the system. If you did not receive the email check you junk mail, your email address will need to confirmed before you can access the system. The email will look something like this, follow the instructions and complete your initial VETembark login    



The next step will be to create the connection between VETembark and VETtrak. The VETtrak Team will have set up you Product API and have it sitting in VETembark ready for use, you will need to configure the username and password to complete this setup process.

Firstly create a new API User, here is the general process
Setting Up VETtrak Access for a Staff Member

We recommend that you create a user (single name) called VETembark and use the same user name. Create a complex password for this user (no one will need to remember it once it has been added to VETembark), maybe use a random password generator to help.

Then assign that user within the security manager to the Product API role. 

Right click on the Assign users node and choose Assign Users to Role, adding the client that was just created.

Then add those to VETembark and test.

Next, go back to VETembark

  • Click on the Settings section in the left panel  mceclip0.png
  • Then click the VETtrak tab in the middle pane to bring up the VETtrak API settings page as seen below.
  • Finally, add the username and password of the API user into the Enter Producs API Credentials section and click Update Settings
  • If successful you will see a green tick as pictured below.



You can now invite other users to access your VETembark instance





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