QR Code Bulk File Uploads

Through the use of QR Codes, documents can be uploaded in bulk and automatically be associated with the relevant client(s).

This could be used for student evidence, submitted assignments, signed training plans, and more.


How it works

VETtrak can generate cover pages with QR codes for printing.

The cover pages, containing QR Codes, are used to separate individual documents in a stack that can then be scanned together (the output must be a PDF file).

The resulting PDF is uploaded via VTDocs, which uses the QR Codes to determine the start of each individual file and to which client it is to be associated with.


Uploading a QR File

Once you have logged into VTDocs, the QR File upload is available from the main page.

Note: This feature requires VTDocs plus in your registration key. Please contact Support.


  • Click the QR File link to open the upload modal


  • Click Select A File to browse for and chose a file to upload.
  • Select the File type
  • Set your options:
    • Preview mode
      If this is set to on, no actual files will be uploaded. Instead VTDocs will complete a test run.
    • Produce log
      If this is set to on, it will provide a csv file containing a list of file names with the matched client.
  • Enter a Description, if required.
  • Click Start Upload.

A preview upload with Produce Log On versus Of

A preview upload with Produce Log On versus Off.

 Upload complete


  • A completed upload will be assigned a batch id.  This can then be referenced in the QR batches menu

Batched QR files menu. 


  • Click on the Batch name link to see the records in the batch:

  • If you have delete access to "document batch" and "document management" you will be able to remove a batch of records.  This is off by default.  Set the setting in VETtrak desktop security manager:

  • Showing option to delete a batch of records.



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