QR Code Attendance Recording

The device must have a camera in order to record attendance using QR Codes.

Known issues for QR attendance: This initial release has known issues with IOS

  • Currently only safari is supported on IOS, all browsers are supported for android and windows devices.
  • IOS may refresh the page after a certain number of scans.
  • IE is not supported due to its limitations

Future releases will aim to improve support for IOS devices.



  • Student Code can be entered manually if a person doesn't have access to their QR Code, but is attending.
  • The list at the bottom of the screen can be used to swap between different cameras available.
  • Once a class has finished clicking the Close Class button will mark all remaining students without an attendance as absent.


If no camera is detected there is a fallback in which the legacy attendance recording to be used.


Clicking the Fallback attendance button will activate legacy attendance mode for the class as seen below.


See also: Trainer Portal Customisable Attendance Recording Mode Overview, Recording Attendance In The Trainer Portal

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