Configuring VETtrak for QR Code scanning

Must be running VETtrak version 19.1.x. or higher with a secure connection.

This feature is aimed towards large classes in which recording attendance can be difficult.

QR Code scanning can be configured in VETtrak to work globally or on a per programme basis.

For a global configuration:

  • Choose File > Global Preferences.
  • Choose Trainer Portal from the Preference items
  • Select the Attendance tab.

For selected programmes only:

  • Choose Manage > Configuration.
  • Expand Programmes.
  • Right-click the desired programme and select Edit programme.
  • Click Next to skip the first step of the wizard.
  • Tick Override Trainer Portal record attendance settings.

Note: This Screenshot depicts global settings, but the wizard step display the same content.

  • Select QR Code scanning as the Attendance Mode.
  • Set the Attendance mode settingsas required.
    • Present attendance type is used for students that scan or enter their code before the late time period has been reached. If the late time period is not set this will be used until the class is closed.

      Once the class is closed, anyone without an attendance recorded against them will be marked with the chosen Absent attendance type.

    • The configuration allows for a time period to be set after which a Late attendance type can be added for any students that scan after that time. To do this tick Use late attendance in the configuration view, next choose an attendance type you would like the late students to have applied. Finally enter after how many minutes a student should be considered late.

    • Ticking the Allow manual client code entry checkbox enables the ability for students to type in their client code. This option is available for students that may not have access to their QR codes on the day but still need to be marked.

Click Finish (or Next through to Finish for the wizard).


Known issues for QR attendance: This initial release has known issues with IOS

  • Currently only safari is supported on IOS, all browsers are supported for android and windows devices.
  • IOS may refresh the page after a certain number of scans.
  • IE 11 is not supported at this stage but will be at a later date.

Future releases will aim to improve support for IOS devices.


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