External links in the Web Portals


Must be running VETtrak version 18.3.x. or higher.

Portal External links

As from VETtrak 18.3 and the corresponding 18.3+ versions of the web portals, some changes have occurred in managing external links.  The configuration of this has been moved out of each portal's Global preference and are now found in the standard Configuration manager under a new node "External links":

The new external link has a new link type, which is a fixed list of types available to the portal.  The link type will determine where in the portal the link will be shown.  The link type: General link will have their link appear in the main navigation menu. The link types:  Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Email will appear as icon buttons in the footer of the relevant portal.  

You may now have multiple links in the portal menu navigation area (type: General link).  If you have only one external link it will continue to appear as it did previously, or if you have multiple links these will now appear under a drop down menu.

Multiple links 

Adding an external link

  1. Choose a link Type:

  2. Enter a name for the link.  Keep this name brief if of type general link or Website as it will be the display name of the link.  Each of the portals has about a 15 character limit for the navigation menu item.
  3. Add a fully qualified Url for the link, including the HTTP:// HTTPS://
  4. (optional) Add a description of the link.  This is not shown on the portal and is only relevant within the VETtrak desktop software.

Note: When adding an email link.  Include the text: "mailto:" as a prefix to the email address.



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