PayPal (payment gateway)

To use PayPal with VETenrol we need you to supply a Client ID from PayPal. We then add this ID into your VETenrol settings and set the relevant PayPal Account type (Sandbox or Live).


To find the Client ID:

Step 1 - Log into the Developer Account



Step 2 - Create a new App


  • Choose My Apps & Credentials from the menu.

  • Click the Create App button.


  • Enter VETenrol as the AppName.

  • For Sandbox developer account, choose your account from the dropdown list.

  • Click Create App.


After creating the app, the credentials will be displayed as depicted in the following image:


NOTE: There are two accounts, a Sandbox for testing and the Live account. You can switch between the two with the buttons to the right.


If you haven't implemented VETenrol live yet and need to do some testing, we suggest you supply the Sandbox Client ID in the first instance. Then when you are ready to go live, supply the Live Client ID.

NOTE: Please be sure you clearly identify which Client ID (Sandbox or Live) you are supplying, as there is a different setting in VETenrol for each.

DO NOT send sensitive information, such as API Keys or passwords, via email. Instead, let us know when you are ready to provide the details and we can supply a SendSafely link for you to securely send them to us.


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