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Must be running VETtrak version 18.2.1.x. or higher.

Clients in Waitlist

As introduced in student's were able to view wait list programmes. See wait listed programmes in Student Portal.  This has been expanded in Student Portal version to enable students to add themselves to wait lists via the "Express Interest" button on the WAIT-LISTED PROGRAMMES section of the dashboard.

Express Interest

The "Express Interest" button will bring up a modal for the student to select programmes of interest, preferred dates and add a note and referral source.

Start entering a Programme of interest to select from a drop down list.  Preferred dates is optional and will display the available programmes' occurrences.  Referral source and Notes are also optional entry.

Note: In VETtrak desktop, all programmes that are active and don't have the checkbox ticked "Do not show this programme in waitlists" will be the source of the programme of interest data.

To turn off the expressions of interest and the ability for students to add themselves to waitlists.  In VETtrak desktop Security Manager.  Expand the Student Web Portal and Default student role tree nodes.  Expand Enrolments category and remove the "Add" against the [VEAD] Waitlist entry.

Note:  If there are no Programmes that are available for wait-listing. The Express Interest button will also be disabled.

After this is removed, the dashboard section will appear without the "Express Interest" button as shown in the following image:


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