Viewing an A2E Assessment

You can view a Clients A2E assessment by right-clicking on the particular assessment, and selecting View Assessment:


This will display the Assess2Educate (A2E) Wizard:

  • Rating dictates the outcome of the Assessment Survey with a simple metric of Gold/Silver/Bronze. An incomplete survey will display 'unknown'.
  • Stage returns values based on the outcome, such as “Action”, “Contemplation”, “PreContemplation” or “Preparation”.
  • Status communicates whether the survey is completed or still awaiting further input.
  • Date Created is the date the assessment was issued.
  • Created by notes the VETtrak staff member who actioned the A2E assessment to be created.
  • Date Completed displays when the assessment was finalised.
  • Client shows the assessed client.
  • Enrolment shows the training the assessment was issued for.
  • Assessment form URL displays the unique URL for this assessment.
    • Open will prompt a web browser to open and display the Assessment form.
    • Copy allows you to copy the URL to paste elsewhere.
    • Email can prompt a new email be sent containing the URL.
    • Open Results will prompt a web browser to open, and depending on it's stage you will see details similar to the following within a browser window, clarifying the outcomes determined by the assessment survey:

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