Create Assess2Educate (A2E) Assessment

Assess2Educate is a tool that can help you identify a student's commitment to a course and help you improve completion rates through targeted intervention.

You can create a new assessment by either right-clicking on the A2E assessments node under an individual enrolment, or by right-clicking the Enrolments heading within an Occurrence, and select Create A2E assessments:


A wizard will display, showing the client(s) that have been selected to have an assessment prepared. A Status box will display any issues that may prevent these student from receiving an assessment survey.


Pressing Create assessments will display a message, confirming assessments will be made for these client(s).


Following this a message will display, mentioning that the Assessment has been successful.

You can now process an A2E Merge Template (This can be set as a default within your A2E Preferences) The email template wizard will display: 


The URL received by the student will provide them with access to a website that contains their assessment survey:


Within VETtrak, the A2E assessment will appear within the Client Manager, as well as beneath the A2E assessments heading under the particular enrolment:


An incomplete assessment can be deleted if required, by right-clicking on the assessment and selecting Delete assessment...

The following message will display to confirm the process:



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