Progress Portal Overview


Must be running VETtrak version 17.3.x or higher.

The VETtrak Progress Portal is a web product that allows your employer contacts to view progress of their employees (trainee) in training, accreditation and work placements undertaken with your organisation.  The portal can be themed with your logo and customised colour scheme in a light or dark contrast.

The Progress Portal has been designed with a responsive framework suitable for mobile, tablet or desktop device.  The portal is available for local installation or hosted with VETtrak. You must be using VETtrak Professional or higher.


Progress Portal User Interface

Once the employer contact has logged on using their VETtrak client credentials. The Progress Portal main dashboard, showing Employer trainees and the three areas of progress information being: Training, Accreditation and work placement.  The tiled cards further divide the sets of information into their current/in progress, upcoming/expiring or completed/Expired subsets.

  1. Change employer
    Where relevant an employer contact will be able to focus on one employer set at a time. Where your employer records are in hierarchy format. A parent employer contact will be able to access the parent or child employer sets and the cards will reflect that employer's employee group respectively. If your employer contact is associated with more than one business they will be able to access multiple employers.

    Note: By default all employer contacts have access to the system, using VETtrak client credentials. This may be altered by a VETtrak admin from within VETtrak turning off their access via the client manager, clicking on the employer contact and changing their access to the portal.

    Note: The client employer record must also be active for that employee to appear under that employer.

  2. Search option (auto populate list)
    To search out a specific trainee for the employer group. Start typing their name (or part thereof) in the text box next to the Search button. A set of up to 10 matches will be displayed in a pop out menu below the search box. Select the trainee to be taken to their trainee report page.

  3. Search using search page
    To navigate to a full search page, click on the search button from the Header next to the search text box. This will take you to the Search Page:

  4. Portal navigation
    To navigate about the portal, use the breadcrumb links under the page header. Home will take you to the dashboard.
  5. View full trainee records
    Clicking on the link View full trainee records or the number beside the Trainees will take you to the VIEW TRAINEES list page. Where a list contains more than 25 records these will paged and a page navigation link will appear above and below the list.

    Choose a record from the list and hit View to navigate to the trainee's Training Report.

  6. Training Information
    Clicking on the relevant time period tile eg Upcoming. Will take you to the training that is upcoming for your employees in the next month.

    Where a list display has a date range, you may alter the date range by clicking on the dates. This brings up a date range selector and you may choose new start and end dates to update the list displayed.

  7. Accreditation
    Click on a relevant accreditation tile to show accreditation that are current, expiring or expired. Note: accreditation date ranges are either two months future or past.

    eg current accreditations

    Note: An accreditation is a VETtrak client award where there is an expiry date on the award.

  8. Placements
    Work placements are shown via the placements titles.

    eg current placements

  9. Training, Accreditation and Placements unit information
    Where a trainee has unit information associated with one of the progress areas (training, accreditation or placement). Selecting the Unit column on the relevant list will take you to the Unit information for the trainee selected:

    eg: Upcoming training record for James Hook.

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