VETtrak 17.2.2 Release Notes - 24/08/2017

Version 17.2.2 is a minor update from version 17.2.1 and version 17.2.0. It contains small changes and bug fixes in response to customer feedback.

  1. VIC superseded enrolments and commencing status.VETtrak now allows a commencing status identifier of 4 (Continuing) to be selected and reported for an enrolment that starts in the same year as the purchasing contract, if it is superseding another enrolment. This allows you to meet the following superseding enrolment reporting advice issued by Skils VIC:
    1. Superseding enrolments should be reported against the Purchasing Contract ID associated with the superseded (original) enrolment
    2. The superseded course should be reported as "Associated Course ID" in the superseding enrolment (done by setting the "Supersedes enrolment" field in the superseding enrolment)
    3. Superseding enrolment should be reported with a new course commencement reflecting the date the student commenced in the new course
    4. Report 4 as the Commencing Program Identifier for the superseding enrolment as the enrolment is continuing
    5. The superseding enrolment must have the existing enrolment date from the superseded enrolment
    6. RTO Client ID should be maintained
  2. VIC AVETMISS single name. Single names are now reported in the NAT85 file in VIC with a given name of "none".
  3. Ezidebit $10,000 payment plan limit. Ezidebit is fixing an issue that disallows a total payment plan amount of $10,000 or more to be passed to the eDDR form. In preparation for this, the $10,000 total payment plan limit has been removed from VETtrak.
  4. Selecting email template using keyboard. An issue with selecting a merge template in the Send Template Email wizard with the keyboard has been fixed.
  5. Bulk assign events with repeat. An issue causing duplicate client or employer events to be created when using the bulk assign events options in the Configuration Manager, and using the "Repeat" tickbox, has been fixed.
  6. Record award when setting occurrence unit defaults. The "Record award" tickbox is no longer available when setting default unit results for an occurrence, as this was not valid.
  7. Create enrolment triggers for profile contracts. Any "create enrolment" triggers will now be fired for enrolments that are created when creating contracts from a profile.
  8. Attendance trigger SMS and email merge templates. An issue causing attendance-context SMS and email merge templates to not be available in the merge template list for Send Email and Send SMS actions for attendance triggers in the Triggers and Actions Manager has been fixed.

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