VETtrak 17.2.1 Release Notes - 26/07/2017

Important - please read this first

Report updates - you must perform a report update in VETtrak. To do so, after updating to 17.2.1, go to the File menu -> Global Preferences -> Report Preferences -> Check Web For Updates button.

AVETMISS fields update - the lists of languages and countries have been updated. After updating to 17.2.1, go to the Utility menu -> Update AVETMISS fields -> Update VETtrak button to update these lists in your database.

Version 17.2.1 is a minor update from version 17.2.0. It contains small changes and bug fixes in response to customer feedback.

Changes in (28/07/2017)

  1. Fixed an issue where the Registration Key page could show incorrect details.
  2. Added support to allow reports to handle multiple signatures recorded against the same item in the Trainer Portal.

State-based changes


  1. Specific funding identifiers. The list of specific funding identifiers has been updated.


  1. Delivery Mode Identifier for outcome 50. In Generate AVETMISS in VIC, reporting an outcome 50 (RPL Assessment Currently Underway) will now automatically report the Delivery Mode Identifier as 90 (Not Applicable) in the NAT120.
  2. Middle name. The "Client First Given Name" field in the NAT85 file will now also include the client's other names in VIC.
  3. Upload VSN with no default organisation. A misleading error message that appears when opening the VIC VSN Upload wizard when there is no default organisation set has been fixed.


  1. Funding source codes. The list of Tasmanian funding source codes has been updated.

Client changes

  1. Individual USI exemption. Support for the new "INDIV" USI exemption code has been added, by ticking the new "Individual exemption" tickbox in the USI exemption pop-up in the Client wizard. This is being introduced for students who have an individual exemption for a genuine objection to being assigned a USI. Note that this code will not be accepted by AVS until 21 August 2017, and the USI office will closely monitor the use of this exemption code.
  2. Reset unit result comments. When resetting the result for a unit, the enrolled unit's comments are no longer cleared. In addition, the Enrolment Results wizard now allows you to record comments for units that don't yet have a result.
  3. Show enrolment for completed/not completed unit. In the Client Manager, you can now expand an individual unit in the "Units/Modules completed" or "Units/Modules not completed" section to see the enrolment that contains that unit.
  4. Client Importer employer. An issue in the Client Importer that prevented linking an employer to a client that did not already have one has been fixed.

Foundation Skills changes

  1. Client and employer dependencies. You can now merge or delete clients or employers that have Foundation Skills data.
  2. Listening assessment. A new column to record assessments for "Listening" has been added to the Foundation Skills Assessment wizard.

Triggers and Actions changes

  1. Action data DPI scaling. The pop-ups for action data in the Triggers and Actions Manager will now be scaled if you are using high DPI settings.
  2. Triggers on single attendance. An issue causing triggers to not fire when recording a single attendance in the Attendance wizard has been fixed.

Report Scheduler changes

  1. Missing "from" email address. If no "Default address to send email from" preference has been set in VETtrak, the email will now be sent "from" the client that the email is being sent to. If the email address is missing, an error will be logged.
  2. Email CC/BCC. The Report Scheduler will now also send the report output email to any CC or BCC email addresses that have been specified in the email merge template.

Other changes

  1. Licence information. The Registration Key page in Global Preferences will now retrieve and show the type and count of VETtrak licences you have.
  2. Quality Assurance signatures. The Quality Assurance manager will now show all signatures that have been added to the QA item for a client event, employer event, attendance, client, training plan unit or unit result recorded in the Trainer Portal.
  3. Edit class in Calendar Manager. An "Invalid field name" error that occurs when editing a class in the Calendar Manager has been fixed. The calendar will also now show the class type and capacity.
  4. Move classes. You can now move classes, and change the start date of a class, that has attendance recorded, but you still can't change its duration. Classes with attendance in Foundation Skills programmes still cannot be moved, to prevent issues with previous claims.
  5. Staff with type report. A new option to "Show staff with type report" has been added when right-clicking an individual staff type in the Configuration Manager.
  6. Notes tab. An issue causing the updated notes not to appear in the Notes tab when changing the notes and then changing tabs has been fixed.

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