Utilising the VETtrak GO1 Integration

In order to integrate your VETtrak system with the GO1 Learning Management System (LMS), some steps need to be completed beforehand. This article goes through the process of what you'll need to connect your VETtrak database with your GO1 LMS. GO1 Integration is included as part of  the VETtrak Enterprise package.

GO1 integration is only available for customers utilising the VETtrak hosting service. If your VETtrak software is currently installed locally, it is possible to migrate to the VETtrak hosting service. For more information about this process, contact VETtrak.

GO1 activation:

Contact VETtrak and request that the GO1 functionality be turned on for your account if it has not been enabled for your account. VETtrak Support will contact you and provide you with the required information as specified below.

VETtrak setup:

Once the GO1 functionality has been activated, you'll need to assign a VETtrak user access to the GO1 functionality by assigning them to the 'Default Products API role'. If you're not sure on how to do this, follow the steps below to create a new user in your database and assign it to the correct role in VETtrak.

It is recommended that a specific account be set up for this access and not shared as a standard user account. The steps below will create a specific account for use with GO1.

  1. Click 'Manage', then 'Security...'

    If you are not able to access the Security Manager, you will need to ask your VETtrak administrator who has access to the Security features to perform these steps for you.

  2. Expand 'Application/Role management', then 'Products API'.

  3. Right click 'Assigned users' and select 'Assign users to role...'.

  4. Click the button with two heads on it to create a new user.

  5. Fill in the name as highlighted below in green. Write down the username and password that was automatically generated (shown in red below) - these details will need to be provided to GO1 to connect to your VETtrak database. It is recommended you use the password generated automatically (or a similarly complex one) for security reasons.

  6. Click 'Next' four times to reach the last page and click 'Finish' to save your new user.
  7. Now you'll need to search for the user you just created and add it to the list. If you used the example above, type 'GO1' into the search box and press the search button (highlighted in green below). Double click your 'GO1 User' (orange) in the list to add them to the right hand side.

  8. Click 'Next', then 'Finish'. You will get a message relating to the staff member not being assigned to a division. This can be ignored as this user is not used for logging into VETtrak.

GO1 LMS Configuration:  

Once you have completed the VETtrak side of the setup, you'll be ready to provide GO1 with the information they need to set up the link between the LMS and VETtrak. You'll need to provide them with the following information:

  • Products API Address: This will be provided to you as part of your activation email when you request for us to turn on the GO1 functionality. This will typically be an address in the form 'https://sthservices.ozsoft.com.au/xxx_Product_API' where 'xxx' represents your organisation's unique hosting code.
  • Username: This is the username for the user you set-up in the 'VETtrak Setup' section above.
  • Password: This is the password for the user you set-up in the 'VETtrak Setup' section above.

Once you have provided them with this information, they will set up the link on their end.


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