ACT: Reporting of Skilled Capital funding

In ACT, the Skilled Capital funding program requires slightly different data entry than other funding programs.

It is assumed that Skilled Capital enrolments will be non-contract enrolments.

Before beginning the enrolment, ensure that the Skilled Capital Funding Source has been created in VETtrak:

  1. Go to Manage, Configuration. Expand Funding Sources, and ACT.
  2. Confirm the settings for the (SRI) Skilled Capital Funding Source match below. If no SRI code exists, then right click on ACT and select Add New Funding Source.

    1. National Funding Source should be Commonwealth specific funding program (13)
    2. Code should be SRI
    3. Name can be whatever you like, but logically should be Skilled Capital!
    4. Click Next and Finish.
  3. Now, when entering an enrolment, or editing an existing enrolment, continue on to the 'State Rules' page, and enter details as below:

    1. Select the appropriate delivery type for your training.
    2. Select SRI - Skilled Capital as the State Funding Source
    3. Select 32- NPA Skills Reform as the Specific Funding
    4. Enter the Student File Identifier, exactly as advised on AVETARS. This number will be in the format of 123456/S01. The entire number should be entered, including the backslash - note that this is may be different to what you are used to doing when entering Contract enrolments.
    5. Click Next, through to Finish, filling out any further details that you require.

That's it! The Student File Identifier will now get reported as the 'Purchasing Contract' for this enrolment. if you continue to receive errors, or would like to advise us of updates to this advice, then please let us know.

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