AVETMISS Error: No Entry in the NAT120 for this Client and Qualification Combination

If you receive an error that states:

Error : There is no unit enrolment being reported (in the Nat 120) for this client and qualification combination

This will prevent you from exporting your AVETMISS files. To clarify what this error means, it is communicating two things.

  1. There is a completion record in the NAT130 - This is the NAT file that communicates if someone has a recorded completion of training within your current reporting period. For example, perhaps they have received a Certificate Award for their training.
  2. There is no training activity in the NAT120 - This is the NAT file that collects a students activity within the current reporting period. This is represented by units of competency that have received results and dates.

Most commonly this error can be caused by a few very simple things, that are very straight forward to fix.

  • The student has an award entered that is State Reportable and the enrolment is Nationally Reportable/do not report. This will cause issues, as it means that the Award will be captured in an AVETMISS generation, but the Enrolment details (Including the units) will be excluded.

  • The qualification against the student's enrolment is different to the enrolment against the student's award. Depending on how your create awards, it may be possible that a mistake was made when creating the award to cause the Qualification field to be slightly different. For example a Cert II item may been selected when the enrolment is referencing a Cert III.

  • The award has an issue date and 'year complete' in the year you are generating for but the units were all finalised in the previous year. This is the most common cause of this error - And it generally will happen around the start of the year. The cause is due to the year being different between the reported unit end dates and the award itself. To fix this, you need only amend the award to make sure that the year complete date does not exceed the date of the final unit result from the enrolment.

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