FinPa LMS Integration Overview

This feature allows VETtrak to be integrated with the FinPa LMS for online learning. VETtrak talks to the FinPa LMS API, allowing the integration to take place without the need for an API or web services on the VETtrak end. This integration allows you to:

  • Transfer information about students and their enrolments to FinPa, where they can complete online learning activities.
  • Transfer results of the units completed in FinPa back into VETtrak.

Certain restrictions on the use of FinPa apply when using this feature:

  • It is only possible to transfer clients from VETtrak to FinPa, not the other way round. If a client exists in FinPa who is not in VETtrak, they will need to be manually entered in VETtrak with the appropriate FinPa Participant Key set.
  • Client details cannot be updated from one system to the other. If a client's contact details change, these will need to be edited manually in both systems.
  • Enrolments must always be created in VETtrak first, and then transferred to FinPa. There is no way to transfer enrolment information from FinPa to VETtrak, so VETtrak will not know about any enrolments created in FinPa. Any result data from enrolments that VETtrak does not know about will be flagged as an error and ignored in the result importing process.

Three things need to be set up before we can start exchanging information between VETtrak and FinPa. We need to:

  • Establish the connection to the FinPa API.
  • Set up what should happen in VETtrak when results are sent from FinPa to VETtrak.
  • Set up the course mappings between VETtrak and FinPa.

All of these are carried out in the Configuration Manager (Manage > Configuration).


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