Transferring Enrolled Units from VETtrak to Catapult

Once we have enrolled our clients within VETtrak, we need to tell Catapult that the client is enrolled in the units, and give the client access to the learning materials for those units within Catapult.

To start, right-click an Enrolment within VETtrak and select Transfer Enrolment to Catapult LMS:

For an Individual Client:Within an Occurrence:

Doing this will display the Transfer Enrolment to Catapult LMS Wizard:


Within the wizard that appears, the following fields/options will appear:

  • Enrolling Client:The name of the enrolled client is shown here. This cannot be changed.
    • Note: If you need to edit the client's details, click the Open button to access the Client Wizard.
  • Assessing Trainer:Select the staff member who will be assess the enrolled units.
    • Note: If you need to edit the staff member, click the handy-button to open the Client Wizard. This button can also be used to add a new staff member.
  • Catapult Username of Enrolling Client/Assessing Trainer: If the student or trainer has a Catapult username, or data is available to generate one, it will be displayed here. If this is the first time this person has been transferred to Catapult, this field will be editable. If the person has already been transferred to Catapult, it will not be possible to edit this field. In the example above, this is the first time that we are transferring an enrolment to Catapult for our student Arthur Bishop, so this field is editable for him. Once a trainer is selected, their details (if applicable) will display with similar functionality.
    This field is populated by looking at the following client fields in order:
    • Catapult LMS Username
    • Client Code or Username, depending on which was selected in the Catapult LMS Configuration Wizard. NOTE: If VETtrak Username was selected as the option for creating the Catapult username, this field will be blank if the client does not have a username recorded in VETtrak. You will need to enter a Catapult username before transferring the unit.
  • Enrolled Units to Transfer: In this area, select any/all units that are to be managed within the Catapult LMS.

A number of criteria must be met for the unit to be transferred to Catapult. If any of the following occur, an error message will be displayed and the Next button will be disabled:

  • Any of the settings in the Catapult LMS Configuration Wizard are not set.
  • The enrolled unit already has a completed-type result.
  • The enrolled unit has already been transferred to the LMS.
  • The enrolment containing the unit does not have an 'Active' status.
  • The enrolment containing the unit has an end date in the past.
  • The client does not have an email address.
  • An assessing trainer has not been selected.
  • The selected trainer does not have an email address.


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