Catapult LMS Username in the Client Personal Wizard

When transferring a new student or trainer to Catapult, their Catapult username will be automatically set to either their VETtrak username or VETtrak client code, according to the selection made in the Catapult LMS Configuration Wizard.

It is possible, however to set the Catapult username manually in the field added for this purpose in the Client Personal Wizard. You may want to do this if the person already exists in Catapult and you need to use their existing username to match them with VETtrak, or if you simply have your own system of allocating usernames rather than having them set automatically.


  • This field is blank if the client is not in Catapult.
  • If a client already exists in Catapult, you can manually set this field to match their existing Catapult username.
  • The Catapult username must be unique - if you attempt to set this to a username that already exists for another client, an error message will be displayed and you will not be able to proceed.
  • If you change a client's Catapult username in VETtrak, a warning will be displayed to indicate that doing so may break the link between VETtrak and Catapult.

NOTE:  The password entered in VETtrak is not used for the LMS. Catapult will set its own password, which will be emailed to the client or trainer when they are first transferred to the LMS.


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