Ezidebit Preferences

Before you can start setting up Ezidebit payment plans, you need to set up some information in the correct area under Manage > Configuration > Payment Plan Providers.

Adding Ezidebit as a Payment Plan Provider

Right click on Payment Plan Providers and select Add payment plan provider:

In the wizard that appears, fill out the Name, Code and Product that you intend to use:

On the following page, enter your Ezidebit connection information, as supplied to you by Ezidebit:

Press Next to view the eDDR tab.


eDDR Tab

These settings control what will be set in the Ezidebit Payment Plan Wizard when it opens. You can change these for individual payment plans before sending them if you wish.

  1. Indicate the first payment date.
  2. Indicate the default instalment frequency of the payments.
  3. Select the email merge template to be used when sending the payment plan information to the invoicee.
  4. If this box is ticked, the invoice will be automatically attached to the payment plan email.
  5. If you wish to record failed payments against your invoice within VETtrak, tick this option.
  6. Select a default Location to be assigned to downloaded payments


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