VETembark Overview

VETembark is a web-based system designed to help manage opportunities, inbound communications, and internal workflows – all within a simple interface.

VETembark is primarily used to manage and interact with Work Items.

These are generated from the communications that are present within the system, originating from sending and responding to email threads via the nominated VETembark email address.

Within VETembark you can then view and manage your work items, assigning particular stages to track their progress, while publicly replying or adding internal notes that can be reviewed by your colleagues.

For more information, see our Managing Work Items and Work Item lists article.

Upon first logging in to VETembark you will be directed to your Work Item assignment area, showing your general user information and the current work items assigned to you. From here you can navigate elsewhere, or immediately start reviewing and interacting with the work items present.

The left hand panel of VETembark is present across all areas, providing quick navigation tools to data creation and management options:

These items include:

  1. Quick actions serves as a quick create menu to rapidly add data into VETembark/VETtrak.
  2. Work items navigates to the Work item assignment area.
  3. Contact management navigates to an area dedicated to viewing and managing contacts within VETembark, including Internal Users, Applicants and Agents.
  4. Form management navigates to an area dedicated to custom form management.
  5. Organisation management displays an area to view Agency bodies within your system.
  6. Course management displays course information referenced in the system
  7. Change settings displays a preferences area to configure VETembark information, including your connecting to the VETtrak system, Work item/Email settings, pre-configured response templates and tag management.

The top-right hand corner of VETembark includes the Search area, as well as a panel to access your logged-in User management options.

You can also Logout of VETembark from this menu.

Latest Release notes: Version 21.1.x

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