Payment Preferences

Payment Preferences is a section of the Payment Settings page, available by choosing Settings > Payment Settings from the menu.

The section, situated top left of the page, allows you to set the payment types accepted by your organisation.


  1. Merchant details.

    These details are used to connect to the payment system of your choice. An account with the Merchant Provider is required. These settings will be pre-set as part of activating your service, or when you opt to integrate with a merchant provider. Please contact Support if they require adjusting.

  2. VETtrak integration.

    • 'Don't send price types to VETtrak?' checkbox — Prevents price types from being retrieved by VETtrak, if enabled. Please consult Support before enabling this option.

    • 'Send payment details to VETtrak?' checkbox — Toggle automated sending of payment information to VETtrak. This option will be disabled if a 'Merchant Provider' is not selected.

    • 'Create VETtrak invoice?' checkbox — Enable the automatic creation of invoices within VETtrak from customer registrations.

    • 'Send Client PO Number on VETtrak invoice' checkbox — Enable Purchase Order numbers to be pushed to the Order Number field on the VETtrak Invoice. This can only be ticked if Create VETtrak invoice is enabled.

  3. 'Card Types' checkboxes.

    These options indicate which card types are enabled. Please contact Support if they require adjusting.

  4. Other options.

    It is the responsibility of your organisation to implement suitable procedures to verify and process registrations where any of these payment methods have been chosen. I.e. In the case of the EFT payment option, your procedure would include checking that the funds have been deposited to your nominated account.

    • Allow discounts?' checkbox — Enable this option to permit customers to enter a discount coupon code.

    • 'Allow EFT Payment Option?' checkbox — Enabling this option will permit customers to choose to pay by electronic funds transfer from their bank account directly to yours. This will also enable the fields for you to supply your bank account details.

NOTE: Ensure the EFT bank account details are accurate or customers will not be able to deposit funds.


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