[DEPRECATED] Using the Moodle Plugin


The VETtrak Moodle Integration has been refactored in the 20.4 update:
VETtrak and Moodle - Integration & Implementation

The VETtrak Moodle Plugin described in this article is no longer maintained or supported.


You may wish to have some courses set up to quickly enrol clients in.  Importantly, you will need to have the "Manual enrolments" method enabled for those courses before you are able to enrol any clients.

Importing users

Once the plugin has been activated, you have the option to import users from VETtrak by locating the Import from VETtrak option under Users/Accounts in the Site Administration menu:

Clicking on this option will load a list of clients from VETtrak who match your search criteria.  The list can then be ordered by the Given Name, Surname, Client Code or Created Date.

Bulk VETtrak user creation screen

Clients who are already in Moodle, as identified by their Client Code, will show a red exclamation mark icon next to their name. 

Checking the box in the "Use" column for a user will cause them to become a candidate for inserting (or updating) in Moodle.  If a user has had their username changed in VETtrak, you will need to repeat this process for those students to refresh their details.

Selecting course(s) to enrol students in

It is then possible to assign the newly created clients to a course, by selecting the appropriate courses from the list.  It is also possible to not select any courses if you do not wish to enrol in any courses.

Users logging in

Once a user has been created, they are then able to access Moodle using their VETtrak username and password, and any password recovery options in Moodle are no longer available to them.


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