Setting up FinPa Course Mappings

Before enrolments can be sent from VETtrak to FinPa, the courses in FinPa must first be mapped to the appropriate units and qualifications in VETtrak. Note that a course in FinPa can correspond to either a qualification or a unit in VETtrak, but not both. Each FinPa course can only be mapped to one VETtrak qualification or unit, and a VETtrak qualification can only be mapped to one FinPa course. A VETtrak unit, however, can be mapped to more than one FinPa course. Generally FinPa users will set up a 'parent' course to represent the qualification, and add 'child' courses to represent each unit in the qualification. 

To map the courses, right-click on a brand and select FinPa/VETtrak course mappings.

  1. Click Update course list from FinPa.
  2. This column indicates whether this is a new course from FinPa, or an updated version of an existing course. If this is blank, the course has already been mapped, and there are no changes to it.
  3. The FinPa code is used to match the FinPa course with a qualification or unit in VETtrak. If an exact match for the code is found, the qualification or unit with that code will be automatically the FinPa course.
  4. If a course cannot be automatically matched, both the Unit/Module column and the Qualification/Course column will be blank.
  5. If there are courses in the list that you don't want to map, click the red cross to remove them.
  6. (below) To find a unit to match the course to, click on the empty Unit/Module cell and the unit search panel will drop down to allow you to search for the correct unit.
  7. (below) To find a qualification to match the course to, click on the empty Qualification/Course cell and a simple dropdown list will appear for you to select a qualification from.


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