VETtrak aNewSpring - LMS Integration

VETtrak has the ability to integrate with an external LMS system - such as the  aNewSpring - Learning Enhancement Platform.



Setting up the aNewSpring LMS integration for your VETtrak

To add an LMS Integration to your VETtrak system, navigate to the Configuration Manager by pressing either the quick-launch Cog icon, or expanding the Manage menu and select Configuration:


Right-click on the LMS Integrations heading, and select Add LMS Integration:


This will display the LMS Integration Configuration Wizard:

In this area, enter the following information:

  1. Enter 'aNewSpring' in the Name field, followed by a Code.
  2. In the LMS Product dropdown menu, select aNewSpring.

All the other options within this area should defaulted to standard settings.

Press Next.


This will display the Configure LMS connection area:


Within this wizard, you will need to enter the API Key retrieved from aNewSpring.

While accessing your aNewSpring instance, within the Settings area, locate the API key details:


This information needs to be entered into the API key area:


You can then press the Test Connection button.

If the settings are correct, you should see a message like the following:


Within this area, there are additional tabs across the top of the window to access further configuration options.

If you select the Settings tab, it will display the following:


Within this window, you can configure specific notification email options.

There is also an option to select for a specific Enrolment Status to be assigned to an enrolment in VETtrak upon completing the course within aNewSpring.


If you are a Hosted VETtrak Customer, and select the Webhook tab, it will display the following:


This webhook configuration can be utilised to allow aNewSpring to send information directly to VETtrak each time an activity or course is completed.

This allows VETtrak to automatically record a corresponding result, or populate the QA Manager with incoming information for approval (if configured).

Note: The webhook functionality is only available if you VETtrak installation is hosted and utilising the Products API. If you are a Local VETtrak Customer this tab will not offer any configuration options.

For more information, please see this aNewSpring Help Resource: A simple explanation about Webhooks


If you select the Staff Types tab, it will display the following:


This area will configure what attached Staff Members (by Staff Type) will be populated within aNewSpring as instructors when an occurrence is linked to aNewSpring or an enrolment is transferred.


The next page of the wizard is dedicated to Unit Result Mapping.

The purpose of this area is to synchronise what Result types within VETtrak represent the unit outcomes present within the LMS.


In this area, configure the following information:

  1. In the grid area, ensure that the LMS Outcomes are matched with VETtrak Result Types that suit your needs.
  2. In the bottom-left, configure the Months in future that your result end dates will be populated as when the unit is started within the LMS.
  3. Finally, in the bottom-right, select what Delivery Strategy is to be entered for units actioned within the LMS.

With this configured, Press the Next button to display the Task Activity Mapping:


As aNewSpring can also track Task Activity and return it to VETtrak, within this area you can select what Task statuses will be used to reflect this activity, using the drop down selections in this area.

Alternatively, untick these options if you do not wish for this information to be tracked/submitted.


With this configured, Press the Next button.

The wizard will display the Finish screen.




Linking a VETtrak Occurrence to aNewSpring Course

You can quickly and easily link an Occurrence to an aNewSpring course within the Programme Manager. To do this, you can right-click via both the Details node for an Occurrence:


Or the Enrolments node for an Occurrence:


The act of linking an occurrence to aNewSpring makes use of a wizard titled the Transfer Occurrence to aNewSpring Course Wizard:


This area displays the Occurrence ID and the generic course information including dates.

Select your aNewSpring LMS integration to prompt a check for any existing course details within aNewSpring.

This will cause the wizard to update:


A warning may display if this Occurrence does not initially detect a course with a matching External ID.

There are two specific ways to establish a link to a Course within aNewspring:

  • If the course already exists within aNewSpring, you can set the External ID for that course to the Occurrence IDshown within this window. (Press the 'copy' button next to the displayed occurrence ID and navigate to aNewSpring to do so)
    • Editing the Settings for an aNewSpring course will allow you to view Advanced Settings, where you can then enter the External ID:

  • If the course does not already exist within aNewSpring, you can press the Create course in aNewSpring button to action that a new course is to be created, using the selected aNewSpring template listed in this are. (aNewSpring templates are created/managed within aNewSpring and will attempt to match existing External ID's that reference Programme Codes).
    • You can enter a unique Name for new course in aNewSpring to easily track the newly created course.
    • You can then enter a unique Title for a new course in aNewSpring that will be visible to students.

Completing either of these set ups will provide access to the main configuration of the Link Occurrence to aNewSpring Course Wizard:


Within the main grid of this wizard, you can now map the aNewSpring Activity options for this course to the linked Units and Tasks of the VETtrak Occurrence (or vice versa, by toggling the tab above the grid).

These Activity items represent the learning items that are to be managed within aNewSpring, and can be amended/toggled/configured within the aNewSpring environment.

Note: You can configure for new enrolments to be automatically sent to aNewSpring via the checkbox at the top of the window.

Once an Occurrence is linked in this way, VETtrak/aNewSpring will attempt to keep parity of information across both platforms – such as dates, etc.


You can now Transfer enrolments to aNewSpring by right-clicking on the Enrolment Heading:


This will display the Transfer Occurrence Enrolments to aNewSpring Wizard:


Within this area you can quickly view and select the clients you wish to transfer to the aNewSpring course.

The status column on the left-hand side will display if a client cannot be transferred. Click on the coloured box for more information.

Pressing Transfer will send this information to aNewSpring - Creating a student profile if one did not already exist for the person, and populating the details into the target aNewSpring course.

Note: aNewSpring will attempt to link existing client profiles based off the information being transferred where possible.

A message like follows will display with the results of the transfer:


Once a Client/Enrolment is linked in this way, VETtrak/aNewSpring will attempt to keep parity of information across both platforms – such as dates, statuses, etc.



Transferring Results from aNewSpring

You can transfer results for a specific occurrence by right-clicking on the Enrolments heading and selecting Transfer results from aNewSpring:


This will display the Transfer Results wizard:


Pressing Download will retrieve any Results or Course completions from aNewSpring:



You can also bulk/generically retrieve results from aNewSpring by navigating to the Utility menu and selecting LMS Integration followed by Transfer results from aNewSpring:



This will display the Transfer Results from aNewSpring LMS Wizard:


Press the Download button to retrieve Results.

Within this area you can review the results that are to be downloaded, with information displaying for the aNewSpring activities that are associated with them.

The Status area on the right hand side will change colours to denote any Warnings or Errors that may be present in the retrieved data.

Pressing Save will process the results into VETtrak.


Log into aNewSpring LMS from VETtrak

Once you have successfully configured aNewSpring within your VETtrak software, you can prompt a log in to the system from under the Utility menu, by selecting LMS Integration followed by Log into aNewSpring:

This will prompt a Single sign-on (SSO) procedure that will attempt to sign into aNewSpring by seeking the external ID of the VETtrak user to an existing record within aNewSpring that corresponds to it.

The wizard that appears will first check for the aNewSpring user account:

If the match account is found, a Login button will become available:

Pressing this button will prompt the wizard to complete the procedure:mceclip3.png

A web browser will then open, displaying the aNewSpring instance.

Note: This can be configured to allow the ability to create a user within aNewSpring by toggling ADD access within Security for the LMS Login functionality.

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