User/Contact Management

VETembark has an area dedicated to viewing/managing users and contacts across the system.

These are accessed under the Contact Management area, accessed on the left-hand side of the VETembark window:

This will then display the Contact Management area:

Contact Management

Contacts can be thought of as any human entity that can be managed within VETembark.

Within the Contact Management area, there are four subheadings that allow you to view particular  contact types and information:

These subheadings include:


Address Book

The Address Book lists the contacts that have been established within VETembark, with a summary of their immediate contact information and current number of active Work Items:

Within this area you have quick-access to an Action menu to rapidly View, Edit or Archive these contacts:

Clicking a Contact email or selecting View from the action menu for a Contact will take you to their particular Contact Box:

This displays any relevant Work Items for the contact, with filter options available if you require to narrow down your returned list of work items.


Internal Users

Internal users refer to any user with sufficient access to log into the VETembark application.

The Internal users area will show these people in a list, with general information relating to each person, such as their Name and Email Address. Summary details regarding their active Work Items and Status are also shown:

Both VETembark Managers and basic Users can view this user list - However only managers can Edit and Archive users via the Actions option to the right-hand side:

Note: As a manager, the option to send a password reset prompt for a user is also available from this menu

Selecting the View option or clicking on the users Name will display the Assignee Box for that user, giving an overview of their user details and current assigned Work items:

When viewing the Internal users area, if you are over or at your license limit the following message will display:

You will still be able to create/nominate a new user at this time, however this new entry will be created with an Inactive status and the following will show on the create user window:

Note: If the VETtrak products API is experiencing issues, a message will display advising for you that all user management will be disabled until the connection is restored.


Applicants are contacts that have either been created within VETembark, or are VETtrak Clients that have been associated with a Work item:

Adding a New Applicant

Applicants can be added to VETtrak via VETembark.

In the top left, access the Quick Create menu, and select Add Applicant:

This will display the Create New Applicant window:

Within this area, fill in the following information:

  1. Enter a Given Name for this Applicant
  2. Enter a Surname for this Applicant (required)
  3. Nominate a relevant Email address for the Applicant (required)
  4. Enter a Date of Birth
  5. Enter a Home phone for the Applicant if applicable
  6. Enter a Mobile for the Applicant if applicable
  7. Select Nationality allows you to designate what country this applicant may have originated from.  (required)

Once this information is entered and the Save Changes button is pressed, the Applicant will be pushed to your VETtrak system as a Client with a Pending status.

They can then be accessed via both VETembark and VETtrak systems.



Agents are derived from Employer Contacts within VETtrak with the Agent flag turned on. 

They can be associated with Work items within the system and provide a similar access when viewing their details to see related work items in the Agent box area. 

Within VETembark, agents can be created via the Quick Create menu using this process:

Otherwise they can be established within VETtrak via this process:


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