FinPa Participant Key in the Client Personal Wizard

The Client Personal Wizard contains a field to record the FinPa Participant Key. Drop the list down to see the client's FinPa key for each FinPa brand.

  • This field is blank if the client is not in FinPa.
  • When a client is transferred from VETtrak to FinPa this field will be automatically set to the client's VETtrak client code.
  • If a client already exists in FinPa, the user can manually set this field to match their existing FinPa participant key.
  • The FinPa Participant Key must be unique - if you attempt to set this to a participant key that already exists for another client, an error message will be displayed and you will  not be able to proceed.
  • If a user changes a client's FinPa participant key in VETtrak, a warning will be displayed to indicate that doing so may break the link between VETtrak and FinPa:


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