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VETembark has an area dedicated to configuration for work items, VETtrak, Email, Templates and Tag settings.

These are accessed under the Change Settings area, accessed on the left-hand side of the VETembark window:

This will then display the Change settings area: 



These settings are focused on sorting/management options for your work items, as well as VETtrak and Email details for your VETembark.

Within the Change settings area, there are three subheadings that allow you to view particular options:

These subheadings include:

  • Work Item – This area is dedicated to editing/creating Work Item Types and Stages to better sort and manage the work items within VETembark.
  • VETtrak – Provides tools to set up and test a connection to your VETtrak database for integrated items.
  • Email – Provides a recent summary of outgoing emails, with options to perform generic email tests to help troubleshoot any suspected communication issues.
  • Templates - Custom email templates that provided canned replies with work item variables.
  • Tags - Custom tags that may be attached to work items.  Allows for group actions and filtering.

Work Item

In this are you can manage both:

  • Work Item Types act as a category for work items. These work as a sorting tool to group work items that cater to specific processes and needs.

    Incoming work items can be configured to be sent to a specified prefix address to automatically be categorised with that Work Item Type associated with that address.
  • Work item Stages are assigned to a work item to immediately communicate what step it may be at. Standard stage items include New, Open and Closed.

Edit any item in this area by pressing the three dots (mceclip3.png) next to the Type/Stage you wish to edit.

Creating a new Work Item Type

To create a New work item type, press the [+] button next to Work item types

  • Enter a Name for this Work Item Type (required)
  • Enter a Prefix to serve as an inbox for work items of this type to be mailed to
  • If you are using our VETenrol product  - place your VETenrol customer Id here for integration purposes.
  • Enter a VETenrol link text string that will appear as the link text for your VETenrol URL used in Templates.
  • Nominate a Default user that manages work items of this type
  • Check any valid VETtrak entities relevant to this work item type
  • Optionally enter a Description explaining the use of this new work item type
  • The Active/Inactive slider can be used to toggle whether this is an active work item type

Once this information is entered, pressing Save Changes will enter the work item type ready for use.


Creating a new Work Item Stage

To establish a New work item Stage, press the [+] button next to Work item stages

  • Enter a Name for this Work Item Stage (required)
  • The Type Mapping area allows you to configure certain work item types to utilise this particular stage.
  • Status Mapping refers to what kind of status should be considered for this work item stage, including:
  • Enter a Description explaining the use of this new work item stage (required)

Once this information is entered, pressing Save Changes will enter the work item stage ready for use.


The VETtrak area allows you to configure the integration between VETembark, and your VETtrak data.

On the left-hand side, enter the API Credentials required for your VETrak products API.

Note: These will be unique for your company, and are considered very sensitive.

On the right-hand side, there is the options to perform an API Test to make sure the connection is behaving as it should.


The Email area displays recently mailed notes, as well as the option to test your email communication.

On the left-hand side, a quick summary of recently processed work item notes is displayed for the outgoing email address.

On the right-hand side, there is the options to perform a set of Send and Receive email tests to ensure that work item communications are behaving as they should.


The Templates area allows you to manage canned responses.  These are established ahead of time and can be selected according to the work item type to pre-populate a work item note response.  Work item merge fields will automatically be injected if assigned to a work item.

Create a new template:

Prepopulate a canned response and include placeholders for merge fields.  When the template is applied in the work item they will be populated (if the work item has the relevant information).  The merge fields include VETtrak entities where relevant.

You may optionally set an automatic change to a new stage when the template is sent out.

Applied template (not yet sent)


The Tags settings manager allows you to manage tags including colours and a few statistics on tag use in the system.  Click on the tag row as a short cut to work items where the tag are in use.

Editing existing tags

Click on the tag to change the colour:

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