Portal iCal subscription


Must be running VETtrak version 18.2.x. or higher.

iCal subscription

Users may now subscribe to an iCal file from the Schedule page in both the Student and Trainer Portals.  Third party calendaring application such as Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple iOS may access the schedule and depending on the third party software reflect changes in a users schedule via this subscription. Note: The third party application's refresh of the calendar subscription is specific to that application and outside control of the portals.

To subscribe, a user may click on the Subscribe button beside their name on the schedule page, which will pop up a subscription modal:


The subscription modal:


Note: The subscription link is unique to every user and is accessible without portal authentication. Users should keep the link safe and not share with other people.

Users may subscribe to both events and classes, classes only or events only.  Depending on the third party application, a user would copy the url link and paste the link into the third party application software, according to that applications requirements.  Some helpful links appear in the top of the modal to commonly used applications and their specific requirements as an assist guide for the student.

The Portal administrator may switch off this feature, removing the subscription button, by removing the tick from checkbox "Allow iCal calendar subscription" in the portals global preferences page.  Eg: Student Portal setting


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