Linking a VETtrak Occurrence to a Moodle Course

To Link an Occurrence to a Course in Moodle, navigate to the Occurrence you wish to link in the Programme Manager, right click on either the Details node, or the Occurrence Name and choose Link occurrence to Moodle course.

VETtrak will attempt to locate the course in Moodle, looking for a Course ID in Moodle that matches the Occurrence ID in VETtrak.

If a Course cannot be located, it is possible to create a new Course. Enter the short and full name for the course and pick a category then click the Create Course in Moodle button to have that course auto created.

Alternatively, if the Course already exists in Moodle, you can add the Occurrence ID into the Course ID Number field in Moodle as shown below: 

After this field is filled in, click the Check Again button in VETtrak. This time, the screen will be updated to show a list of Moodle Activities in that course: 

Choose the Units and or Tasks (if your Occurrence is configured to use Tasks) that map to the various Moodle activities.


Be aware that only specific Moodle Activities support being mapped to VETtrak Units and Tasks.

Please refer to the table below for a list of Moodle Activity items that are valid for use.

Moodle Activity types that CAN be used

Moodle Activity types that can NOT be used

  • Assignments

  • Attendance

  • Checklist

  • H5P

  • Lessons

  • External tool

  • Quizzes

  • SCORM Packages


  • BigBlueButton

  • Books

  • Chats

  • Choices

  • Custom certificate

  • Databases

  • Feedback

  • Folders

  • Forums

  • Glossaries

  • IMS content package

  • Labels (Text and media area)

  • Pages

  • File

  • Surveys

  • URLs

  • Wikis

  • Workshops

Custom Activities added through Plugins can also be used, so long as they are able to have a Grade recorded against them.


Occurrence edits

Occurrence changes can impact the linked Moodle course:

  • Changing the start/finish date will change the dates of the linked Moodle course

  • Changing the status will change the visibility of the course in Moodle.

Enrolment edits

Enrolment changes do not cause any changes to the enrolment in Moodle once it has been pushed due to limitations with the Moodle API. 

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