Transferring Occurrence Enrolments to Moodle

To initiate a manual transfer of enrolments, right click on the Enrolments node of the Occurrence when viewing in the Programme Manager and choose Transfer enrolments to Moodle: 

Enrolments that have a green Status are able to be transferred to Moodle, the white status indicates that the enrolment has already been transferred and red indicates an issue is preventing that enrolment from being transferred. Clicking on the Status box will provide more details for the Client's transfer status, such as any errors that are preventing them from being Transferred.

You are able to fix issues at either the client or enrolment level directly from here by choosing the appropriate option from the Open 

 dropdown list. Once corrected, the status will be updated to reflect the changes, turning green if the Enrolment is able to be transferred.

Use the Transfer button to initiate the push of the enrolment to Moodle.

Client Enrolments can also be pushed to Moodle by using the Automatically send new enrolments in this occurrence to Moodle option, when linking the Occurrence to Moodle


To match an existing student already enrolled into Moodle. Add the VETtrak Client Code to the Moodle ID Number field for the student by Editing their profile in Moodle. Then transfer the enrolment as above, VETtrak will find that user's existing enrolment based on the Client Code and User ID matching: 

This can be narrowed down further using the Match VETtrak client with Moodle user by fields option when Setting up your Moodle Integration.


The following Client Fields will sync with Moodle when a linked client is edited within VETtrak:

Moodle field

VETtrak Field


Client Code (CLIE_CODE)


Client Username (CLIE_USERNAME)


Client Given Name (CLIE_GIVEN)


Client Middle/Other Name (CLIE_OTHER)


Client Surname (CLIE_SURNAME)


Client Email (CLIE_EMAIL)


Client Is Inactive (CLIE_ARCHIVED)

Note: Upon Editing a Client and making it inactive, the client's Moodle user will be suspended, making them unable to log in to your Moodle environment.

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