Transferring Results from Moodle

Results can be managed in two ways, either at the occurrence level or for all linked courses.

At the occurrence level, you can initiate a result transfer by right clicking on the Enrolments node of the Occurrence in the Programme Manager and choosing the Transfer results from Moodle option.

This can also be actioned for all courses via the Utility >LMS Integration >Transfer result from Moodle menu option.

When the screen is displayed, click on the Download button to have VETtrak fetch all the unrecorded results for this course. It is possible to stop this process from executing by pressing the Stop Download button which appears while VETtrak is downloading results.

To process results, either choose the Process All button to process all results with a green status. Alternatively you can process one record at a time by using the Add button next to each individual record.

You can update dates and change result types prior to processing, should that be required.

Using the Export button will generate a report of the Results pulled from Moodle. Exporting as an Excel-compatible format (.xls, .xlsx, .csv) will allow you to view the Status of each record in more detail.

Task and Unit Results 

We categorise results retrieved from Moodle into 3 buckets, Started, Passed, and Failed. A unit/task is considered:

  • Started – when some mapped activities have a grade greater than or equal to the passing grade in Moodle but not all. See Activity Start Dates below for more information.  

  • Passed – when all mapped activities have a grade that is greater than or equal to the passing grade in Moodle.

  • Failed – when any mapped activities have a grade that is lower than the passing grade in Moodle.

When recording results for failed is turned off, units/tasks will be considered started instead of failed.

Results will not show for units/tasks that have already been completed. Additionally, units/tasks will not be started if they are already started.

Course completions

Course completions will only be shown if the enrolment is still active and Moodle has marked the student as completed the course. Moodle has a very flexible configuration for course completions. The VETtrak status date will be the date when the latest completion condition was met in Moodle. E.g.

For a Moodle course that is configured to complete when Activity A, B and C are completed. If a student completes the activities in order A, B, and then C the status will be set to the date that student completed Activity C.

Troubleshooting results

If a course or activity completion is not registering in the Integration, please check either the Course participation or Activity completion reports against the Moodle course just to confirm that the result have been recorded as expected.

If a unit or course is coming through as completed despite not being marked as such in Moodle, please check your Activity’s Grade settings or your Course Completion settings, as an incorrect setup can cause Activities and Courses to be sent to VETtrak as completed.

Activity Start Dates

For some organisations, the Moodle Activity Start date will be a critical determinant as to when claiming can be commenced for a unit and is, therefore, a key part of the information that needs to extracted from Moodle. 

Unfortunately, the Moodle LMS does not make activity start dates accessible via its API. This means that there is no way VETtrak can reliably ascertain a Unit or Task start date.

To overcome this limitation, VETtrak supports a special feature that can use the earliest Moodle activity completion date as the start date for the VETtrak Unit or Task, when multiple activities are mapped to that Unit or Task.

So what this means is that you can insert at the start of a block of activities mapped to a VETtrak Unit or Task, a special "autocomplete" activity that can be set up so it is auto-completed by the student who is then allowed to progress onto the actual learning activity. This activity might be a simple one question quiz that asks the student a confirmation question

All you need to do in VETtrak is make sure these activities are mapped to the appropriate Unit/Task in VETtrak. You will need one of these activities for each group of Moodle activities that are mapped to a single VETtrak unit/task.

When VETtrak encounters a completed activity VETtrak will find the earliest completed date from all the activities and use that as the unit/task commencement date.

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