Trainer Portal Groups and client groups

The Groups page shows you a list of VETtrak groups allowiing for you to send messages, email and SMS to a collection of clients in a single operation.  Groups are available to the trainer portal for versions commencing and above.

To view the individuals associated with the group.  Select the View group from the associated actions menu:

This will display the group details and those clients attached to the group.

Use the Add students button to add more clients to the group:

Use the actions menu to remove students from the group:

Portal administrators may control what is available to the trainer through adjusting the relevant entity security settings in the VETtrak desktop software.

  • Removing the [V] permission for group manager will switch off the top level navigation menu.
  • Removing the [A]dd from client group will prevent trainers adding clients to group.
  • Removing the [D]elete from client group will prevent trainers removing clients from the group.

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