VETenrol 21.3 Release Notes - 6th Oct 2021

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VETenrol 21.3.0 Release Notes - 6th October 2021


New Features

  • BPoint, Eway Rapid API, SecurePay RESTful API are now supported as Payment Gateway providers. Customers on the older integrations for Eway & SecurePay will be asked to move to the new versions in future.

  • New AVETMISS Step option to not include "In which year did you complete that school level" as a question. The option is called Hide Year Completed in ClientAdmin and Do not collect Year Completed for Admin.

  • VETtrak Invoice Payment Service: Settings
    • Allow customising of automated email subject and body.

    • Minimum Payment Amount.



  • Standard registration process
    • Auto capitalises common fields, including Names, Emergency Contact and Employer details (capitalising occurs after submission and only in VETenrol).

    • USI Step
      • Wording change to Find your USI for Cannot remember your USI section.

      • USI Documentation validation - change to data collected - no longer requiring Date Printed and Certificate Number fields for Birth Certificates.

    • Smart & Skilled step - wording changes and link to definitions.

  • ClientAdmin & Admin

    • Registrations: Search by Name filter extended to include both Surname and Given names.

    • Registration Details: Links to files in registration downloads which preview in a browser tab on click now support right-click menu option to download.

  • Admin-only (Named users)
    • Modals for adding/editing data will no longer close when clicking outside the modal window to prevent accidental loss of data.

    • Friendly error messages enabled.

    • Registration Builder now includes referral source (if setting to collect is enabled).

    • Custom Questions can now be of type Radio List.

  • Award Verification
    • Award found wording has been adjusted to: The <AwardType> was issued on <Date>.

  • Schedule
  • Custom Forms (Client Admin only) rename to avoid confusion with VETembark & VETenrol compatible Custom Form feature.


Bug Fixes

  • Temporary Visa Holder Citizen Status not showing in Registration Details.

  • Rapid Registrations

    • Fixed missing Code for Position in VETtrak causing the field to clear on ticking 'I Agree' checkbox.

  • Admin only (Named users)

    • API Credentials copying error causing continual loading animation.

    • Change Occurrence feature not fully completing the change.

    • Skills First download link not working.

    • Confirmation email error on saving override.

    • Site Settings error on save.

  • CourseEnquiry page error caused by no head script.



VETenrol 21.3.1 Hotfix Release Notes - 21st October 2021



  • The button to resend the RTO Notification email appearing on the Registration Details page is now hidden if RTO Notifications are disabled.


Bug Fixes

  • GST issue for a price where multiple pricing items combine.

  • Rapid Registration

    • Positions with no code and a long name

    • Submit button (Book & Pay) removed after the first click to eliminate multiple click issues.

  • VTDocs Integration

    • 0 records returned an error (failing to match registration with enrolment in VETtrak) for Rapid Registrations

    • Upload of the registration pdf after re-creating the web enrolment or changing the occurrence now includes the LLN version with the correct answers column.

    • Supporting Documents failing to upload for Rapid Registrations



VETenrol 21.3.2 Release Notes - 16th November 2021



  • Custom Forms can now be automatically allocated to a VETtrak Entity based on metadata.


Bug Fixes

  • Registration Details:

    • Orphaned questions associated with the registration will now display.

    • Skills First heading and download link showing when viewing a Group Booking has been removed.

  • The associated Heading for each question asked during the registration process is now collected together with the question text and answer. This prevents answered questions from being orphaned due to deletion of Custom Question Sets and resolves potential issues for Registration Details displaying an inaccurate heading due to edits to Custom Question Sets.

  • Paging method updated to resolve 500 errors on large data sets when viewing Custom Form submissions.



VETenrol 21.3.3 Release Notes - 15th December 2021


New Features

  • .
  • .



  • .
  • .


Bug Fixes

  • .
  • .



VETenrol 21.3.x Release Notes - [date]


New Features

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Bug Fixes

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