VETtrak API Changes

VETtrak API Changes


VETtrak is committed to ensuring the security of valuable data in your VETtrak system. As a result, we have begun the process of discontinuing the use of old, outdated SSL/TLS protocols and will only allow access to VETtrak and our web products via TLS 1.2 enabled web browsers and devices.

We are making this change in order to bring clients the most secure experience possible, reducing their exposure to malicious 3rd party actors that may otherwise seek to intercept their communications.


API changes will happen on 28 June 2021 at approximately 9am AEST.


This change has been communicated multiple times since 2019 to ensure that clients have time to test and ensure their devices and applications support the modern TLS standards. VETtrak Hosting, Trainer and Student portal all are using TLS 1.2 compatible sites, however the last remaining service to be moved across is your hosted API service.


How does this affect me?

For most customers, this change will have no effect on access to VETtrak, or web applications. Modern browsers and supported operating systems already include built-in support for TLS 1.2 and have done for a long time.

If you wish to verify your application against an API running on the TLS 1.2 only server, then you may use a test API here and perform a range of unauthenticated calls. If you are unsure about any of these changes then we recommend that you speak to your API developer or outsourced service provider that is using your API.


IP whitelisting

Did you know that VETtrak has made system changes so that our APIs also support source IP whitelisting? This ensures that only authorised endpoints can call your API to enhance the security of your API to only allow trusted hosts. If you wish to enable this feature, please contact us and our team can discuss the range of options.


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