VETtrak 21.2.0 Release Notes - 21/06/2021

Important - if you use the USI web service

VETtrak 21.2 has been updated to use version 4 of the USI web service. If you use the USI web service, you MUST upgrade to VETtrak 21.2 or later by October 2021, as the USI office plans to disable version 3 of the USI web service (used by earlier versions of VETtrak) at that time.

Version 21.2.0 is a major update from 21.1.x and includes database updates. If your VETtrak is locally installed, ensure you have a backup of your database before updating. If at all unsure please contact VETtrak Customer Support on 1800 838 872 or email

Changes in patch (31/08/2021)

  1. Location wizard error. The fix for an error that can occur when going to the Finish page of the Location wizard has been re-applied.
  2. Open/save dialogs. The Open File and Save File dialogs in the Email wizard and Report Scheduler wizards have been replaced with the standard Windows-style file browser. This should open faster when a folder contains many items.
  3. VET Student Loans. Reference to HEIMS in some info balloons in the Client VET Student Loans debt information wizette have been changed to now refer to TCSI.
  4. Finance Integrations. 
    1. When transferring invoices or payments to the finance system, errors arising from a failure to transfer dependent data now provide more informative error messages. There is now a way to easily locate the problematic contact or invoice records.
    2. You can now tick 'Don't include in finance transfers' in the Payment wizard for a payment that had previously failed to upload.
    3. When transferring invoices with items which have no sales account configured in Xero, the error message now suggests how these items can be configured in Xero. A warning is also shown after clciking Refresh items in the Finance items configuration wizard, if an item has no sales account in Xero.
  5. Calendar Manager.
    1. A new filter option has been added to the Calendar manager to allow hiding of endorsed classes.
    2. Details of the class's occurrence have been added to the title of the class wizard when opened from the calendar.
    3. A right click menu has been added to class items in the calendar. The available menu items are:
      1. Edit the class. This is an alternative to double clicking on the class to edit it.
      2. View the class's occurrence in the Programme manager.
      3. Record attendance for the class.
  6. Self Service Reports. An issue when closing the Self service reports manager has been resolved.
  7. aNewSpring expiry dates.VETtrak can now use the expiry period preservability properties on aNewSpring courses to calculate the dates that students can access the learning, instead of using VETtrak occurrence and enrolment dates:
    1. When creating an aNewSpring course for a VETtrak occurrence, new options have been added allowing you to use the VETtrak occurrence dates, or specify an expiry period, for the "preservability properties" of the new aNewSpring course.
    2. You can set the defaults for these options in the LMS Integration Configuration wizard.
    3. When sending a VETtrak enrolment to an aNewSpring course that has the expiry period preservability property set, the expiry date will be calculated from the date the student starts the learning plus the expiry period, instead of using the VETtrak enrolment dates.
    4. Updating dates for an occurrence or enrolment in VETtrak that is linked to an aNewSpring course that has an expiry period set will no longer update the dates in aNewSpring.
  8. Tasmania 2021 Reporting. In preparation for Skills Tasmania mandating some data from 1st October 2021, changes that were previously optional are now enforced. When reporting an Enrolment that has a Purchasing Contract, if the client's labour force status indicates they are employed, VETtrak will now produce an error when generating AVETMISS for the NAT120 file if the client's industry of employment or occupation identifier is blank.

Changes in patch (29/07/2021)

  1. Finance Integrations. The following changes have been made for the finance integrations:
    1. An issue on starting the Import Payment wizard when using SQL Server has been fixed.
    2. It is now no longer possible to untick the 'do not send to finance system' box on the last page of the Payment wizard, if there has been a previous attempt to send that payment.
    3. An issue on starting the Pay Invoices wizard has been fixed.
  2. High DPI issues. The following high DPI issues have been fixed:
    1. In the Triggers and Actions manager when configuring actions for a trigger.
    2. In the Add Occurrence Units wizard.
    3. In the Payment wizard.
  3. Processing Web Enrolments. In the Web Enrolments manager, occurrences are no longer shown when the user has no access to the occurrence's division.
  4. Vic Payment History Importer. When there are multiple enrolments in the same unit, a more refined method is now used to select the most suitable one to receive the payment.
  5. Client Merge.
    1. It is no longer possible for the logged-in user to merge themself into another client.
    2. In the Client Merge wizard, if a staff member is merged into a non-staff member, that client now becomes a staff member.
  6. Client Search. When selecting clients from a list, a sorting issue has been fixed.
  7. Data Insights.
    1. A problem displaying the value for the 'Is VET' field for a qualification has been fixed.
    2. A problem with the 'Is VSL course of study' field for a VET Student Loans course has been fixed.
  8. Duplicate Class. When duplicating a class, the endorsed flag and the class URL link are no longer duplicated.
  9. Forms. Fixed an issue viewing forms submitted from VETenrol.
  10. Enrolment Pricing.
    1. For a SA enrolment, if the Fee Exemption is a concession type, the concession amounts are now used when calculating the enrolment pricing using a funding model.
    2. The Recalculate Enrolment Pricing wizard now supports nationally reportable enrolments.
  11. WA 2021 Reporting. The following changes have been made: 
    1. References to RAPT have been renamed to TAMS
    2. The RAPT version number selection has been removed from the WA Enrolment Claim Wizard
    3. WA Fee Exemptions A and B have been added
    4. WA Fee Exemptions D, E, G, L, N, O, and Q have been updated to apply concession tuition fees

VETenrol security

This version introduces an updated VETenrol Admin portal with improved user management. When you are migrated, access to the new VETenrol Admin portal is now controlled through the VETtrak Security Manager. Grant a user access to a role in the VETenrol application in the Security Manager to allow them to log into the VETenrol Admin portal using their VETtrak username and password.

Additionally, you can now log into VETenrol directly from VETtrak by using the new Utility menu -> "Open VETenrol" option, or by pressing the "Open VETenrol" button in the Process Web Enrolments Manager.

VETenrol payments

If you are using a payment gateway with VETenrol, you can now right-click an unpaid invoice in VETtrak and select "Pay now". This shows the VETenrol payment gateway screen allowing you to enter payment details on behalf of a client to collect a payment, which automatically records it as a payment against the invoice in VETtrak.

It is now also possible to have a QR code added to your invoice reports which contains the "Pay now" link, which a client can scan and use to pay the invoice directly using your VETenrol payment gateway, and the payment will be automatically recorded in VETtrak.

Students and employers can now also pay their outstanding invoices via your VETenrol payment gateway in the Student Portal and Progress Portal.

If you wish to enable this functionality in your VETtrak subscription, please contact VETtrak Customer Support on

Remote attendance

A new "Enable remote attendance in Student Portal" option has been added to the Customisable Attendance option for the Trainer Portal (which can also be modified per programme). When ticked, this allows students to record their own attendance, useful for remotely-run classes. You can select a set of terms and conditions that the student must agree to when recording their attendance, which can be configured in the Configuration Manager, and also restrict how long after the class students are allowed to record their attendance.

The ability to mark a class as endorsed has been added to the Occurrence Class Attendance wizard. An endorsed class is marked as green in the tree icons and in the Calendar Manager. Trainers can also do this through the Trainer Portal.

Task changes

  1. Default task activity for occurrences. A new "Set default task activity" option has been added when right-clicking the Tasks node for an occurrence in the Programme Manager. This allows you to set default task activity which will be applied to new enrolments in the occurrence. This is especially useful for setting the default due date and staff member on each task, and will be included when duplicating or moving the occurrence.
  2. Task completed in future. If the "Don't allow completed units to have a completed date in the future" preference is on in Global Preferences -> Result Unit and Award Preferences -> Advanced tab, VETtrak will now also prevent completed tasks from being recorded with a completed date in the future.

Email changes

  1. Placement merge fields. New email merge fields for the first placement linked to the enrolment have been added to the Enrolment merge context.
  2. Employer enrolment contact email. The ContactEmail merge field is now available in the Employer Enrolment merge context.
  3. Formatted sent email. When sending email, VETtrak will now store the formatted (HTML) version of the email as well as the plain text version. You can view the formatted version by selecting the "Formatted" tab in the View Email wizard. The attachments list has also been moved to a new tab in this wizard. Note that currently inline images and attachments are not stored, this is anticipated to come in a future update.
  4. Employer Manager sent email order. Sent email in the Employer Manager is now listed in newest first order.
  5. InvoiceAmountDue merge field. An issue with the InvoiceAmountDue invoice merge field showing the wrong amount when the invoice has adjustments has been fixed.

VET Student Loans TCSI changes

  1. Citizenship effective from date. A new "Citizenship date" has been added to the Client Personal wizard. This date should be set to when the selected citizenship became effective. It will be passed to TCSI for VET Student Loans.
  2. Calculate loan fee. A new "20%" button has been added next to the Loan Fee field in the VET Student Loans Client Unit of Study wizard. Pressing this will set the Loan Fee (529) to 20% of the value of the Unit HELP debt (558).
  3. TCSI status display. All VET Student Loans tree nodes that can be sent to TCSI will now indicate the TCSI status of the record. "UNLINKED" means the record existed in VETtrak before 21.1 and has not yet been linked to an existing record in TCSI.
  4. Child qualifications. An issue reporting a client's course of study, when the course of study's qualification has a "report as" qualification, has been fixed.
  5. Location wizard error. An error that can occur when going to the Finish page of the Location wizard has been fixed.

Data Insights changes

  1. LMS transfer fields. A new "Client LMS integrations" relationship has been added to Client allowing you to retrieve the identifier for the client in each LMS. A new "Enrolment LMS integrations" relationship has been added to Client Enrolment allowing you to retrieve the transfer date and LMS indentifier for the enrolment in each LMS.
  2. VET Student Loans. New TCSI values for the Admission Basis, Citizenship Status and Completion Status are now available through Data Insights.
  3. CRICOS. A large number of new tables and fields have been added to Data Insights to allow all CRICOS information to be queried. A new Query On option of "CRICOS CoE" has also been added.
  4. Hover hints. Hovering over partly-visible text in the Query Fields grid and results grid will now show the full text in a pop-up hint.

Invoice schedule changes

  1. Funding model default scheduled invoicee. The Funding Model wizard now allows you to select a default Schedule Invoicee for each pricing item that is added to an enrolment, which is applicable if the item has a Schedule Rule. You can choose to invoice the enrolled client, enrolment employer, or use the default rule (which invoices the employer for an employer enrolment or booking, otherwise the enrolled client).
  2. Generate invoices by state. A new State drop-down has been added to the Generate Schedule Invoices wizard. Choosing a state here will filter the generated invoices only to enrolments and contracts in the selected state.

Finance System Integration changes

  1. Support for more payment types. The Finance System integration will now allow you to transfer payments that are adjustments, refunds, negative invoices and payments across multiple invoices to MYOB and Xero.
  2. Import payments. A new "Import payments from finance system" option has been added to the Utility menu -> "Finance utilities" to allow you to import payments that have been made against invoices (that have been exported from VETtrak) in MYOB or Xero into VETtrak as payments against those invoices.
  3. Unlink client or employer from finance system. You can now right-click the Personal node in the Client Manager of a client that has been linked to a finance system, or the Details node in the Employer Manager of an employer that has been linked to a finance system, to "Unlink client/employer from finance system contact". This allows you to remove the link between VETtrak and the finance system for that client or employer, allowing you to create them in the finance system or link them to a different contact in the finance system.
  4. GST amounts. Improvements have been made to the GST amounts for invoices passed to the finance system to make them more accurate. For Xero, VETtrak now sends items with a specific 'Tax Amount' instead of having Xero split them into their GST and GST free components. For MYOB, as MYOB calculates GST automatically, VETtrak now collects GST greater than 0 and less than or equal to 10 cents into GST rounding buckets, grouped by Account/Item; this results in fewer small GST-free items on the invoice for small amounts such as 2 cents.
  5. Merging and deleting clients. Improvements have been made when merging or deleting clients that have been sent to a finance system to reduce the chance of errors occuring.
  6. Finance API log report. A new "Show Finance API log report" menu option has been added when right-clicking various nodes to show the log of calls to the finance system for that record.

LMS Integration changes

  1. Moodle duplicate course. When creating a course in Moodle for a VETtrak occurrence, you can now select an existing Moodle course to copy and link to the occurrence.
  2. MyProfiling rebrand to Ready Skills. The MyProfiling integration has been renamed to the Ready Skills integration in accordance with the rebranding of the product.
  3. Ready Skills Epsilon number. When creating a training plan in Ready Skills, the "Epsilon number" for the training plan in Ready Skills will be set to the VETtrak contract code.

Web Portal changes

  1. View submitted forms. A new "Forms" tab has been added to the Selected Item Information panel in managers and in the FileTrak Document Linking wizard. This will show any VETenrol and VETembark form submissions that have been linked to the selected VETtrak client or enrolment. You can open these to view the form that was submitted.
  2. Triggers and Actions send attendance notification. A new action to "Send notification" has been added to Triggers and Actions for Attendance records. This allows you to set up a trigger that sends a notification to the student in the Student Portal when class attendance that matches your specified criteria is recorded in VETtrak desktop.
  3. File upload terms and conditions. You can now configure multiple sets of terms and conditions in the Configuration Manager. As well as being used for remote attendance in the Trainer Portal, they can also now be used as a declaration when students upload files in the Student Portal; a drop-down for this replaces the old text box in Global Preferences -> Student Portal -> Files tab. VETtrak will now record which version of the terms and conditions content was agreed to for each file upload.
  4. Customisable attendance late attendance type. A new "Use late attendance type" has been added when configuring Customisable attendance for the Trainer Portal. When turned on, this allows you to select an attendance type that is used for late attendees, when an attendance start time is entered after the class start time.
  5. Web Portal security. Security entries to control access to Occurrence Events in VTDocs and to Waitlist entries in the Trainer Portal have been added.

Other changes

  1. USI web service version 4. VETtrak will now use version 4 of the USI web service. The changes are:
    1. New validation rule that at least two contact details (out of email address, home phone, mobile phone and postal address) are required to create a USI or update USI contact details.
    2. Support for the "Centrelink Concession Card" identity document type.
    3. Changes to validation rules for the "Birth Certificate" identity document type:
      1. Registration year has been removed.
      2. Date Printed and Certificate Number are no longer required in NT.
      3. The Registration Number can now contain 10 characters and a slash in ACT, NT and SA.
  2. Report Scheduler built-in. The Report Scheduler is now included in the VETtrak installation, meaning that you no longer need to download an extension to deploy or update it. It still requires activation in your VETtrak subscription and the installation of a Windows Service to use for the first time.


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