Client creation has failed! Unable to apply additional data from VETenrol created Web Enrolment

Client creation has failed! Unable to apply additional data: Value 'xyz' is invalid for Client field PositionName.

This error occurs when creating a new client with a position that does not exist. It is almost always related to the "Allow Free Form Positions" being enabled in VETenrol, which is intended for those interested in collecting position information for their VETenrol records but not necessarily storing them in VETtrak.


Here are the solutions for consideration.

In VETtrak: The issue can be dealt with on a "as occurs" basis.

  • The new Position can be added in VETtrak before attempting to create the new client. The correct position name can be viewed from the Registration Details in VETenrol, or in the Additional Data when client matching in VETtrak.
  • You can manually delete the <PositionName>User entered data here</PositionName> from the Additional Data when matching.

In VETenrol: The issue can be stopped/prevented by changing settings.

  • Untick "Free-form positions" in VETenrol and users will be restricted to choosing only positions from VETtrak. This can be done via the Registration Settings in VETenrol Admin.
  • Turn off the collection of Position at the Employer step, again via the Registration Settings in their VETenrol Admin.

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