Email: Using Individual Staff Member Logins

If you have configured VETtrak to send emails via your mail server, you may wish to set up your VETtrak Users/Staff to send email via their own unique email address.

These credentials are then managed within the Client Wizard where a person has been configured to be recognised as a Staff Member.

Related: This option will only function if your VETtrak system has had it's email settings configured - for information on how to do this, please view the article listed below: 


When editing a Client that has been set up as a Staff Member, there is a unique section of the wizard dedicated to Staff Details:

Regarding Email settings for this Staff Member, there are two key areas on this screen:

  1. Email Signature provides an area to prepare a signature to be attached to staff emails, with formatting options for text and images.
  2. The Email Username/Email Password fields allow you to enter the full credentials set up for this user via your mail-server information. The Send Test Email button will then provide the option to attempt to send a dummy email and ensure that the details are correct.

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