VETenrol 21.1 Release Notes - 21st January 2021

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VETenrol 21.1.0 Release Notes - 21st January 2021



  • 2021 Skills First Program (based on Guidelines About Eligibility - 4th Dec 2020, Version 1.0)
    Introduces Qualifications and Skill Sets. The following features have been updated:

    • Skills First step in the registration process.

    • Skills First PDF attachment included with Registration Alert email notifications.

    • The Skills First section in Registration Details has been overhauled to show the document section, question number, question text and the answer. A link to download the Skills First PDF that is typically attached to Registration Alerts is also included.

    • Updates to the generic forms that include Skills First for use with the PDF Forms feature (pre-fill existing PDF documents with the data from the registration).

  • Registrations Export feature has been updated to include Cost and Payment Status.

  • Award Verification Service validation text has been updated to identify the award type found.


Bug Fixes

  • Kalendar.aspx SyntaxError: Unexpected token occurring when opening a course pop-up and resulting in not showing the class start and end times for the occurrence.



VETenrol 21.1.1 Release Notes - 24th February 2021



  • Enquiry form for programmes without occurrences (occu published, with a start in the future) updated so the text is more generic.

  • Course Details pop-up during the registration process has been replaced with a bootstrap modal for improved mobile-friendliness.

  • Registrations list export now includes Parent Name and Parent Email.

  • Student Number step heading text of Victorian Student Number reworded to be Victorian Student if the user is aged 25 or over.


Bug Fixes

  • Standard VETenrol registration process

    • View Units not loading when option to Show List of classes with occurrence is enabled.

    • Save for Laterfeature

      • incorrectly saving multiple sets of Skills First step answers.

      • auto answering Yes to question Do you speak a language other than English at home at the AVETMISS step when resuming a registration saved on or prior to the AVETMISS step.

    • Error on trying to register for an occurrences with an employer set where that employer did not have a State chosen for their business address.

  • Staff Alerts email notification with file uploads incorrectly attaching when smtp details are not provided.

  • New Registration Alerts pdf attachment of the registration details allowed signatures to split across pages.

  • Rapid Registrations creating a part paid invoice in VETtrak when Discounts are used.

  • Registration Details:

    • missing Town of Birth for USI when RTO Create option chosen.

    • SFP Download link not working for client names that include an apostrophe (eg. O'Name)

    • Linked Occurrenceregistration(s) missing:

      • student signature

      • text and acknowledgement for Custom Agreements.

  • Mail Templates: a number of placeholders were listed for the Enquiry Form Responses that were invalid for that template type.



VETenrol 21.1.2 Release Notes - 23rd March 2021


New Features

  • Do not update matched client detailsis a new option for auto-processing that will keep the existing details in VETtrak when client matching. There are separate settings with the same name for the standard and rapid registration processes.



  • Concession step has been adjusted visually.

  • The Force collection of Emergency Contact option for the Details Step has been adjusted to require only one contact number (phone or mobile) to be completed, rather than both.

  • Custom Forms and Custom Agreements now support Programme Types as inclusions/parameters. A Programme Type can be entered in the place of Programme Name and this will include the form or agreement in the registration process for all programmes with that type.

  • Mail Templates Placeholder for Programme Name has been adjusted to work with multiple programmes allowing it to be used with enquiry templates.

  • Aria labelling to improve the experience using assistive technology (eg. Screen Readers)


Bug Fixes

  • Schedule fix for occurrences without a location. Previously an error would occur if a published occurrence's location was archived or deleted, preventing the whole page from loading.

  • Discount Code issue with the Standard Registration process where VETenrol wasn't recording the discount code used if users did not apply it first, but the pricing was still adjusted for the discount.




VETenrol 21.1.3 Release Notes - 7th April 2021




Bug Fixes

  • Concession step Initiatives not correctly enabling when the user selects Yes.

  • Custom Agreement parameters for Price Type ID causing an error when a programme name is not also defined in the parameter.

  • File upload error with the fifth Sundry File upload.

  • Rapid Registrations Force collection of position setting not applying to direct links.



VETenrol 21.1.4 Release Notes - 4th May 2021



  • Ability to delete Supporting Documents restricted to users with full Site Administration privileges.


Bug Fixes

  • Delete for Supporting Documents no longer ignores the user's response to the prompt to confirm the deletion.

  • Categorised Available Courses list not expanding every 10th category.



VETenrol Hotfix Notes - 25th May 2021



  • Suburb list updated, including missing suburb Aintree 3336 and fixes for all suburbs with the same name that are located in the same state but have a different post code.

  • Change Occurrence: Occu Short Code shown in Start Date field selection to help identify occurrence.




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Bug Fixes

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