Support Centre: Retrieving Your VETtrak Hosting Launcher Password (Self Service)

As a hosted customer, VETtrak Contacts for your company are able to retrieve your VETtrak hosting account details via the VETtrak Support Centre.

These include:

  • Your Hosting Organisation Code
  • Your Hosting Login Password 

To access this area and get started, click the Customer Centre button in the top right-hand side of the VETtrak website to navigate to the VETtrak Customer Centre:

Once you are signed in, choose the Support Centre option:

On the Selection Page:Or within the Knowledge Base:

Once the Support Centre has been accessed, select the following option:

This will direct you to a new area that will provide access to the following details -

  • The Recover your Password button, which will navigate you to a new area to view/copy your password.
  • The Access Log to show you details of when this area was accessed*.
  • The option to Disable Password Recovery if you feel it is a security risk*.
Only the primary contact for the organisation is able to see the access log or control access to the password recovery functionality.

Pressing the Recover your Password button, will display the following area:

The field that displays will contain your VETtrak Hosting Credentials, including:

  • Your 3 digit VETtrak Hosting Organisation Code
  • Your VETtrak Hosting Password

The icons on the right-hand side will allow you to both copy the password, or simply view it:

You can then use these details to access your VETtrak Hosted account. If your hosted account details do not appear, please contact VETtrak Support for further assistance.


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