VETenrol 20.5 Release Notes - 16th December 2020

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VETenrol 20.5 Release Notes - 16th December 2020


New Features

  • Site Settings: Hide qualification code from headings.

    This new option allows the qualification code to be hidden from the programme heading, which can be useful if the code is being used for other purposes (e.g for an internal reference, or compatibility with a LMS).

  • Alerts & Notifications: Include client uploads as attachments.

    This new option allows a user's uploads (eg. Identity documents) to be included with Staff Alerts that are sent out to trainers when they're listed as Enrolment staff for the occurrence in VETtrak.

    Please note that at this stage this feature works only with Standard registrations if Post-Payment Push is not enabled, or with Rapid Registrations if Post-Payment Push is enabled.



  • Town of Birth updated to show * when the option to force this question is enabled.

  • Links page updated with Rapid Registration courses page and Award Verification Service links.

  • Confirmation Email placeholders *QUALCODE* and *QUALNAME*.


Bug Fixes

  • Broken links for USI and VSN steps.

  • AVETMISS page option to Force collection of Prior Education Recognition was accepting None as a valid response.

  • Custom Form Inclusions bug where parameters including both Programme Name and Occurrence ID were ignoring the Occurrence ID.

  • Update Changes feature in the Admin not working with registrations for a single legal name (eg. Madonna).


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