Calendar Manager

The Calendar Manager is a unique manager dedicated to displaying date-specific data elements, such as:

To open the Calendar Manager, choose Report > Calendar Manager from the menu or by clicking the  icon on the toolbar, or from the Dashboard will also open the Calendar Manager.


The Calendar Manager has several unique options for displaying and sorting it's data.

You can specify the period to be displayed by adjusting the timeline area at the top of the manager, as well as manipulating the Day/Month view in the top-right hand side.

Clicking and dragging your mouse cursor across multiple days in the Day/Month view will adjust the displayed days in the main window area:


The far-right hand panel has many tabs that represent different filterable data within the calendar.

Move your mouse cursor over any one of these panels to see a range of options to shape the information being displayed:

Ticking and unticking items in this area will filter the information according to your needs.


Double-clicking on most items within the calendar will provide you with a wizard to manipulate and save new information for that item:

Finally, there is even a unique option to view the Calendar in an Agenda view, changing the layout entirely to suit a more list-driven display of information.

To toggle between Calendar and  Agenda view, press the button located in the bottom-left hand side of the manager:

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