Process: Lost Access to Two-Factor Authentication for a VETtrak Login


If a user has lost access to their Authenticator App and their Backup codes for MFA/2FA, whoever manages the VETtrak Security for your company will need to intervene and set up a special exception that allows them to skip the Two-Factor code when next logging in.

The user can then access the options for Configuring Two-Factor Authentication for a VETtrak Login and change whatever settings they require to continue accessing the software.

Note: A Security Admin cannot apply this process to themselves.

This process will allow a user that has lost access to their Authenticator App and their Backup codes the opportunity to log in to the VETtrak software and bypass the requirement for an Authenticator Code.

First, identify the Staff Member within either the Staff Manager or the Client Manager.

Select their details, and right-click to select Edit Staff Member:


Within the Security section of the wizard, you can select the Skip 2FA at next login option:


This checkbox will allow the user to skip the 2FA code request upon their next log in.

It is then recommended that you advise the user to review their Configuring Two-Factor Authentication for a VETtrak Login options to amend their login needs.

At this time they can disable Two-Factor Authentication, or preferably set up the option to work with a new mobile device.

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